Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Plan B Day

This'll be short because I need to get up early for the contractor

The usual breakfast. Then to the bank, changed a 50 for 3 10s and 4 5s. Onward to the nails place, tipped Mai and Sang each $10 and apologized for forgetting yesterday. Next, Saratoga, for a much better massage. That should do me for a long time.

Low Hgl - 85, and probably low BP too. Klondike bar helped. Next thing I knew it was time for the drive home stream.

Later Vegas Penguin was streaming, and at least two of the drive home regulars were there. I like when that happens

Figured how to use the mandolin slicer. Made some nice cucumber slices, and also cut my little finger early on. Will try it on red onions soon.

Late lunch - a shrimp Louie made from my usual dinner salad plus a tray of cocktail shrimp ($5 at GO). Watched Toledo get beat by NI.

White Water Gold lots of FF because 5 minutes of action packed into an hour of air time. And way too many interruptions for animations narrated by someone boring. PTI, then I found the channel playing the Gabe Kapler press conference. He is now manager of the SF Giants. In 2015 he handled a party violence incident by his players in a naive way, and that was all the media jerks at the press conference wanted to talk about. Looking at his record, there is definitely something wrong because he played for 9 MLB teams, none of them for more than 2 years. He also spent less than a year on a Japanese team. He was manager of the Phillies for the past 2 years, they had a .500 record (or close to it) after six losing years.  He's an outfielder - I was hoping for a catcher.

Salad then Texas Toast and baloney & cheese served as dinner while FFing through Oak Island. Egg cream for dessert.

Streamed for an hour. 3 new followers. No chatters.

Plans for tomorrow:
up early
9 am contractor visit to give an estimate on repairs needed. And hopefully schedule the work ASAP

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