Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Deep Sleep and early visit

Breaking news, after a day of wind a tiny bit of drizzle and low temps, particle count is down to 1. It was up to 95 this morning.

Spook was on the bed last night until she wasn't. Reverted to the floor in the corner of the guest room.

Pit stop around 4:30, then deep sleep until the alarm at 7. Felt like I hadn't slept at all.

Showered and dressed by 7:30, breakfast and the usual online stuff till 8:30 when the contractor showed up. He was early because he wanted to look around the outside of the house and tag all the items which termite guy had called out. Then inside, we found all the cracks to take care of - realtor had m mislabeled two of the photos, which pissed me off because I'd sent at her request photos clearly named for where the were taken.

Anyhow, I was right, termite guy padded the bill quite a bit when he thought he was going to make the repairs (and get paid for them). Contractor is all about making things look good with the minimum of work. He said there would be a quote in a week.

He left his pink highlighter and a roll of blue tape. I emailed him about that but haven't heard back. His office is nearby, I could drop it off.

Can't remember what I had for lunch after the salad. It must not have been very good. Oh yes - PNB on oat nut bread with orange marmalade. I'd been nibbling on celery with PNB earlier. Took a red onon to the mandolin slicer and it made the lovely thin slices I had hoped for. Yay.

Watched a couple of streamers, including the ride home. Then Tivo - a Nova show on Da Vinci. There was a lot of repetitious stock footage of his drawings and inventions, but the digital restoration was fascinating.

After not finding lobster tails anywhere, Whole Foods had them on special for Prime members. Lobster has been my traditional birthday meal, dating back to Wantagh where we would go to a Chinese restaurant and order lobster Cantonese. Here they call it lobster sauce, and usually it's shrimp as the meat.

So, off to WF, wanted to charge the car but none of the 4 chargers were on a network I belong to.

Before hunting for lobster, I found a small chocolate dipped chocolate cake, candles in the form of 6 and 9, whipped cream, two kinds of egg nog (though not the ones I was looking for). Found the sale items in the freezer, the ad was misleading, it said lobster tail and pieces, but in reality each $20 package was either tail or pieces, and both were grilled, not how I want my lobster. Walked to the fresh seafood counter and they had previously frozen lobster tails for $10 each, and I also got a small Dungeness crab for about $12. Small because it's illegal. Commercial season doesn't start for another week at the earliest, and WF isn't supposed to buy from people fishing for their own consumption. But that didn't occur to me till I got home. Also bought 5 big avocados. Looked for but did not find matzo balls. Also got some kitty grass.

Home, traffic was a mess at 5. But I know the neighborhood so found ways around it.

In the mail was my mortgage report. I hate how slowly the capital goes down and how I'm paying twice as much in interest. 

PTI and Masked Singer on Tivo, then streamed for almost an hour. Three legit followers but no chatters.

Tivo once again missed recording the football game, which was at halftime so I hit the record button and made a salad. Watched some news and some gruesome episode of Supernatural. OMG that show is poorly written, videoed and set dressed. Special effects were lame as well. There was no acting.

Cleaned the crab, snapped off all the limbs, and brought it out to the livingroom. Watched the Browns pummel the Steelers. The crab was mediocre, but Spook loved every little bit I tossed to her.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wake up older. Oh wait, I'll be older by the time I post this.
The usual morning, though sisters may call.
AG may call  too
GO - butter, sea salt, charge the car
Steamed lobster tail for lunch. Maybe make it a Louie

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