Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lobster WIN, lobster FAIL

Happy birthday to me.

Up at 8, I think. The usual breakfast.

Looked up lobster tail recipes, steamed won. But it needed sea salt and butter, and the car needed a charge so off to GO where the first charger failed, the second worked.

Picked up another tub of salad greens, butter, sliced olives, sea salt in a traditional large cylindrical Morton style container. No turkey franks so I got Bar S sausages, made from the best 6 species on the farm. Ruffles and green onion dip.

That took 18 minutes, stayed in the car till the half hour charge was done.

Home, got out the bamboo steamers, put the two lobster tails in the bottom one, broke a bar of butter in half and put the halves into a microwave safe bowl, and that went into the top steamer.  Added a lot of sea salt to water in a pot, boiled the water, put the steamers on top and set the timer for 8 minutes.

Should have cracked open the tails before steaming, but they came out okay, maybe could have used another minute. Cut into chunks, dipped into butter, tossed tiny pieces to Spook who vacuumed them up. While the tails were steaming I snacked on Ruffles and green onion dip. Spook ate a whole chip I tossed her way.

Channel surfed between Judge Judy and Dr. Phil. Phil was kind of a train wreck, manipulated drama, to be continued Monday. Two program segments advertising his non-TV doings.

PTI had one stand-in and one host remotely located. Below Deck was an annotated rerun, deleted quickly. Temptation Island continues to destroy relationships and mislead the separated couples with innuendo by showing them heavily edited clips of their significant others.

Long Island Medium  was interesting, she is back to doing her job. There was also an old rerun annotated which I didn't watch.

Lots of birthday greetings on FB, plus a card from youngest sister plus phone calls from both US sisters.

I ran a horoscope online, mostly to remind myself that most of my chart is not in Scorpio. Email later in the day from an old IRC chat friend with the same reading, except she got the time of birth wrong, and when I pointed that out she regenerated it, but this time got the year wrong. Wrong time means the rising sign is off, wrong year by 3 decades may put me in the wrong Age.

8 pm, drove to Red Lobster in Milpitas. Traffic was close to the speed limit most of the way. 10 minute wait for a table. I don't fit in their booths. Waitress arrived right away, brought me iced tea and biscuits quickly, came back in a few minutes to take my order. I went with the lobster Alfredo instead of the Bar Harbor Lobster Bake because the latter had mini lobster tails with the fins still attached, plus it was basically cioppino. Salad first, pretty good garden salad, but the Alfredo arrived while I was still working on the salad. Server didn't get it that I'm not ready, and she should put it back under the warming lamps till I'm ready. But she wedged it onto the table instead.

Long story short, it was too salty, and most of the lobster "meat" was that horrid velvety stuff at the ends of claws. What actual meat there was was minuscule. Waitress disappeared for 10 minutes when I was done, but once she returned she got my check right to me and picked up the credit card quickly. Rounded up the 10% tip to make the math easier. took home about half the linguine.

Home, got the cake out of the fridge, put the 6 and 9 candles on it, lit them, took a picture, cut a slice of cake and brought it into the livingroom with a glass of egg nog. Excellent cake!

There was an episode of Gold Rush, this time 2 hours. I paused it halfway, because it's late and I needed to medicate and write this.

No plans for tomorrow. Maybe I'll trim the roses and do laundry.

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