Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Planned Obsolence

Many chores completed today.
Oatmeal with an over-ripe banana crushed into it.
Read all the news sites
Played Solitaire and tile matching
Tried to watch streams but they were all hosting others which held no interest for me.
1:30-ish, put on sandals, leather gloves and a wide-brimmed hat. Wheeled the yard waste bin out to the rose garden and spent more than half an hour cutting back most of my roses to their trunks. After 5 years they have massive trunks. One rose is too buried by the neighbor's passion fruit vines to get to, the yellow rose bush still has a lot of blooms and it is shaping into kind of a topiary, big round bush on top of a thick stem. And one 6-foot-tall stem has a beautiful variegated red and white bloom on top.  I'll cut that back when the flowers stop coming.

It really wiped me out, all that bending down and up. Out of breath a few times, sat on the stoop to recover.

Watered the roses thoroughly, something I could not do when they were all leaves. Also watered the front garden.

Inside, took the laundry into the bedroom. Little by little I folded the undies and put them in their drawer, hung up the two T-shirts and the long jeans. Folded & put away the jeans shorts. Hung up all the dress shirts, ironed and hung up the Hawaiian shirts. Spook helped by sleeping on the blue dress shirts.

Took out the garbages, wheeled the bins to the curb.

Watered all the carport plants.

Salad and a Jimmy Dean croissant for lunch. Ice cream sandwich for dessert.
Salad with fresh avocado then two corndogs for dinner. Birthday cake for dessert.

Streamed for half an hour, more legit followers but no chatters.

Watched some football. Ravens, Raiders, Niners all won. The final play of the 49er game was out of the Cal-Stanford playbook, all that was missing was the marching band:

I also watched video of Colin K's workout in Atlanta. The NFL tried to screw him over every way possible, he had to move to a high school field in order to allow the media in, and expect he didn't have the full complement of players to work with/against. But he looks like he can pass the ball. He went at his own pace, only 40 minutes, and didn't have anyone rushing him or putting him in a real game practice situation. I hope he gets a break, but I remember him as a failed QB and don't think he'll last very long in his NFL comeback.

Started watching Creature Features on Tivo, to be continued tomorrow.

No other plans for tomorrow other than bring in the garbage bins.

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