Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Garbage trucks - it must be Monday

Weird weird night. I was falling asleep and starting a dream when Spook climbed over my legs and curled up next to me. My dream was about compartments, and which ones she ought to be fitting into. I think I tried to move her, and she went into the guest room for the night.

Woke up at 6 for a pit stop, then at 7:30 when the lights came on and the alarm went off.

But I didn't take my BP and Hgl until almost 11. Lots of interesting stuff on the tablet.

Did my complete online routine with my usual breakfast.

Watched the rest of The Ghoul on Creature Features. Awful movie all around, Boris Karloff was in Frankenstein's Monster makeup, minus the bolts. He had maybe 3 lines, the rest might as well have been a silent movie. Well, not really, there was a lot of talking by the other characters. Most of it nonsense. And some screaming.

Waited until all three bins were collected before wheeling them in. 1 pm or so.

Lunch was salad followed by avocado on Texas Toast. Oreos for dessert.
Dinner was salad followed by reheated linguine Alfredo from Red Lobster with hot water to dilute the saltiness, and bits of microwaved breaded fish fillets added. Birthday cake dessert.

Ride home stream at 1:37. I had paused Friended by God. Kind of interesting concept, not well executed. Spotty casting. Spotty writing. Excellent locations.

Watched MNF on tivo, mostly watched in real time, using the trick of hitting the skip 30 seconds button at the end of each play. The average gap between plays is about 32 seconds. Somewhere in the 3rd quarter I hit real time, so I paused it and switched to Shark Tank which had the creator of 23 and Me as a shark, and no Richard. Everyone who pitched a product got funding. Even the doggie stem cell bank.

Finished watching the game, the announcers tried to make it look like a nail biter, but they shout too loudly to be convincing.

Plans for tomorrow:
Run a dishwasher load
Get out of the house

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