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The usual breakfast, and read all the news. Some sad news that a Hmong backyard party was shot up, and the police have no idea who dunnit.

Wasted some more time trying to update the PC, went to Fry's in search of a BT dongle, bought the only one they had. Empty parking lot, 80% of the shelves were empty. Minion said they are not going out of business, they are changing vendors.

It wasn't a Realtek device, it used a different driver so that didn't help. Found a driver for Lenovo laptops, installed it, and it worked. But then the update hung at 27%, I had to reboot and try again. Second time it worked, but it took a couple of hours and needed three passes through Windows Update to get everything. I didn't expect it, but the machine is faster now.

And Cortana understands my voice commands.

Today they moved the new house into place across the street. I just barely made it home before they blocked the road. I live streamed it, but Twitch or Streamlabs messed up the recording, put a huge black rectangle in the middle. Like they were censoring it. But I did get some good video on the phone before I started streaming.

It's a lot prettier than the one they hauled away. But who knows when they will put the two halves together. And pour the cement for the carport. And rig a carport roof and support posts.

While I was watching that, Realtor emailed asking if I received the estimate from her contractor. Not yet. And then more crickets. While they were moving the house in people came to look, and that was good publicity for my for sale sign. Once again Monday morning all the flyers were gone, I put in the last batch when I noticed.

The house delivery was done just in time to join the daily ride home's last 10 minutes. Salad with 1/4 of an artichoke, and some Texas toast with shredded pizza cheese, and some turkey baloney slightly microwaved.

Watched the Eastern Michigan Eagles pummel the Northern Illinois Huskies. Then PTI, and Below Deck. Capt. Lee dropped a bombshell that he's bringing Riley back now that he's two crew members down. Of all the former crew, she is the worst possible choice. She comes with baggage and a huge chip on her shoulder. Thinks that she's superior because she owns a fishing trawler. This episode, however, was kind of boring. They had several DDG women in skimpy bikinis on board but kept their exposure, so to speak, to a minimum.

Channel surfing brought me to the impeachment hearings, where the WTF of the day was a national security adviser who wears a business suit to work showing up in full dress Army uniform with all his insignia, ribbons and assorted hardware, and at one point when he was addressed as "Mr." he snapped back that "it's Lt. Colonel". Yes, your excellency. He was not testifying in his capacity as an Army officer, he was there as a member of the President's National security staff.

Once again I didn't see any testimony of illegal activity. If the President wants to withhold aid from an uncooperative ally, that's his constitutional prerogative.

Dinner started with a salad with the other 3/4 of the avocado, and the rest of the Red Lobster linguine, with added fish and cheese.

Ran out of TV and the PC was taking forever to update, so I grabbed the tablet and read some more of ADF's trilogy.

Somewhere in there I refilled one hummer feeder, using green food coloring.

Transferred another $2k from my brokerage. Need to pay down the credit cards a bit. When the repair estimate comes I expect it to take the rest of my available cash. Then I'll be faced with the dilemma of selling my lucrative Apple stock, or digging into my IRA.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wander over to the community hall in case there is a coffee klatch at 10-isih.
If I'm lucky, there will be work done across the street
Otherwise go somewhere

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