Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Depressing Day

Did not get showered till 10. Skipped breakfast, walked to the coffee klatch but nobody else turned up, and there was only decaf.  Back home, no activity on the new house. No word from Realtor or Contractor. Social Security due today did not get into Quicken, and only 2 days before the $$ needs to be in checking to cover the mortgage.**

Stupid Roomba keeps getting stuck on the sheepskin rug. It's supposed to avoid repeat jamming places, but doesn't.

Tried streaming at 6, but idiot troll was back. Fired it up again at 8, and no more troll.

Vegas_penguin took his stream to Fremont Ave, and it was raining! The roof leaks. Makes the hourly show challenging to watch.

Ramen and won tons for lunch. No real dinner, had an avocado with lemon juice and Italian dressing and two ice cream sandwiches.

Tivo had Oak Island, an actual episode where useful stuff got done. Maybe 20 minutes of the 1-hour show was real content. The other Tivo program was a rerun. I forget which. There's a Dr. Phil, but I think I nuked it and killed the auto-record. Kept falling asleep watching the Toledo-Buffalo college football game. PTI as usual.

Disconnected my A/V rack on the right side L of the computer desk. dual cassette deck, DVD/VHS player, photograph. Lots of dusting done. Sonos speaker & Google mini have the space to themselves now.

**checked my bank site, the $$ is in there, it's marked as processing. Whew!

Plans for tomorrow:
A/V stuff to Goodwill, along with dolphin and orca
Alliance office, drop off the contractor's pen & tape
Target - sodastream exchange, milk and litterbox cartridge if they have any


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