Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Stuff got done, and where's the fire?

The usual breakfast at about 9:30
Put the VCR, cassette deck and phonograph in the car along with a bag of all the linens and hand towels which were on the rack in the bedroom. Also grabbed the blue tape and pink highlighter.

First stop: Alliance mobile homes office, which was almost empty (only one realtor and the receptionist) dropped off the  tape and pen.

Next stop: Goodwill trailer up Lawrence by the gas station. Dropped off the electronics and textiles. Forgot the orca.

Next stop: B of A ATM

Final stop: Target. Sodastream cartridge exchange, milk, egg nog, cherry tomatoes, turkey baloney. They don't carry scoopfree litter cartridges.**

Home, put stuff away, watched Dr. Phil until daily ride home came on. Killed the "one pass" for that quack.

On Tivo was Masked Singer which was tough this time. Down to the final 4. Patti LaBelle was unmasked - she did not bring her A game and was beat out fair and square twice. Most of the panelists IDed her correctly.

Spook spent the afternoon on the bed with the dolphin.

**Petco wants $6 to ship a single litterbox cartridge. Amazon only offers 3-packs or more, but the 3-pack is $15.60 each. So I ordered a 3-pack, though two of them will probably move with me.

Watched the last half of football. Dinner was kind of a FAIL. Year old beef stew from the freezer, over rye bread. Dry as a bone. Tasty, but dry. Still at least one meal left, next time I'll make gravy.

Chocolate cake for one was dessert.

Streamed for 45 minutes, several legit followers. Streamers who are looking to build their follower count, so I followed them. No troll.

No plans for tomorrow.

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