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No House Building

Up with the alarm, Spook jumped on the bed and curled up against me, which made it awkward. She wanted treats right away but as usual had to wait for me to get showered and dressed. Which took a little longer because the dispenser was almost out of body wash & shampoo. And I didn't have enough body wash to fill the dispenser.

After treats for Spook and meds for me, the usual breakfast, and then a trip to Grocery Outlet for body wash & shampoo. Way too many choices, none of my faves (Old Spice & Right Guard) and the challenge of getting the best price when some containers were 12 oz, some 16, 18, 22 and 32. Took way too long. Also got strawberries, grapes, limes. mochi and a couple of frozen meals. And chicken flavored cat treats, which showed up on the receipt as chkn tenders. Had me scratching my head when I entered the price into Quicken.

Lunch was salad, then I defrosted a wheel of cocktail shrimp and sauce, and re-melted some butter.

On Tivo was Long Island Medium, who has a legit manager now that her boring husband is out of her life. Manager beat her up about a multi-year waiting list, so they hold two mass readings. 400 and 800 people invited who have been on the waiting list for years. She only read two people each gathering, which probably did not thrill the rest of the waiting list. One guy she singled out - all the information she gained from "the spirits" would have been in newspaper articles about the car crash in which his friend died.

There was a pair of Below Deck annotated reruns I deleted. And one Gold Rush teaser nuked as well, But also a full 2-hour Gold Rush new episode.

Door Dash for dinner, I ordered enough chicken wings and drumsticks for 5 meals from a Korean place which makes them breaded, and also added cole slaw and onion rings. I really should have driven to KFC and bought a dark meat crispy meal bucket. But I like Bon Chan chicken so...I had one tub of cole slaw and the onion rings for dinner, bagged all the rest and froze for later. Mochi for dessert.  And some egg nog earlier in the day.

Followed a streamer in Bangkok who was on the skytrain, when I joined the stream they were at the stop where I used to work. Also watched someone fishing off San Diego pier, and then Jenn the storm chaser in the snow in Ohio.

And streamed for half an hour. No troll.

While I was waiting for Door Dash I read another chapter in the sci-fi trilogy.

All my $$ transfers showed up in Quicken, the mortgage is late being charged, which is good because it's covered now. Also paid my savings back what I'd borrowed from it, and paid down the credit card enough to not go over limit.

Looking at homes for sale in Vegas, there's only one in the park I want to move to, and it's kind of iffy. There are others I can afford in other parks, though. But I won't worry about that until January.

I changed the litterbox cartridge. The 3-pack I ordered last night showed up on the carport steps at 8:30 am.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual
Maybe hang out at the Starbucks for a couple of hours before J is due
Graham Norton on Tivo

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