Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Grey Friday

Well, nothing on sale appealed to me, mostly because I have  no $ but partly because I am still in prep for moving mode.

After the usual morning I watched the recording of the Saints game. Nola had it well in hand the whole way, though the commentators tried their best to make it sound like Atlanta had a chance. Especially in the last 5 minutes. Kicking was a problem. Brees got injured,  of course, but his backup's backup scored a rushing TD on his first snap. Pretty impressive run.

The news from the UK was horrible, same place as the last stabbing incident, on the bridge, absolutely no excuse for the police not being on patrol there. Shameful that citizens had to nab the slasher, and even more shameful that the police shot him while he was under control. Not quite as shameful that there was a stabber in The Hague. But pretty sorry that they don't have a suspect.

Not much being streamed, or on Tivo. Just Temptation Island. Next episode is the finale, I expect major anti-climaxes.

Fired up Amazon Prime and watched the rest of The Hogfather, extremely well done, some choice quotes in there too.
"Humans need fantasy to be human."
"You need to believe in things that aren't true. How else can they become? "
"There's no better present than a future. "

Tried to watch a couple of sci-fi movies, but I'd seen one already and two others were no longer available. So I put on Hollywood bloopers, which are all 1940's films, and it's mostly forgetting lines and saying "nuts". It's paused, I may or may not finish it. Rainmaker was not the story I expected, took that off my list after 10 minutes. Still to come are The Marvelous Mrs Maisel year 2. and Jack Ryan, which also may get nuked. Also Ladybird and a couple of others.

Lunch was late, was eating popcorn during the game. Bon Chon chicken. Pumpkin pie. Dinner used most of the rest of the duck and all the rest of the BBQ pork in soup. Just used the soup as a hot pot, didn't drink it, just ate the meats. More pumpkin pie. Note to self: Best of the Egg won't make egg drop soup.

Ordered more insulin. $42 for the regular. No price given for the high test.

No work on #20, no word from realtors.

No plans for tomorrow.  

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