Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Wild Wind Gusts, Food Stamps, SSWTF and general boredom

Up at 10, Spook started the night in bed next to me, went nocturnal sometime after 4 am, then curled up against me around 7:30 as I was starting to read and watch videos on the tablet. She stayed there until I was in the shower, but then hid under the bed. The rain was fierce and winds were gusting to around 30 MPH. She hasn't seen weather like this in years.

I had no reason to go anywhere so I stayed inside except to get the mail.

Got a note from park management that they will once again be turning off the electricity. This time 8:30 am - 2:30 pm on Thursday. They used to do this a lot, and I'm guessing with all the new homes they need to upgrade. The whole park is on one network, managed by the park.

Got a surprise phone call from the EBT outreach office. I had applied for food $$ assistance, and the nice man saw immediately that my rent + mortgage > Social Security which qualifies me. Looks like I'll be getting a debit card for close to the max amount a month, which will help. They don't count IRAs or brokerage accounts. Meanwhile there was a message from SS saying they will be taking an extra $140 out of my dole because of my 2018 income. I need to call them and ask that they consider my 2019 lack of income.

One of the braver streamers was in a blizzard in Minnesota. I watched that for a while & chatted some. Tried again to find a weather overlay for my streaming. No luck. They all want major $$ for a license.

Watched 2 hours of the combined Gold Rush programs. And one Long Island Medium episode. Had a Jimmy Dean croissant for lunch, and dinner was some kind of seafood shepherd's pie found at GO.

Long Lost Lives this week was a little different. They found a half-sister of one woman who was also adopted and from the "non-identifying" paperwork they both had it was clear they have the same father. But the team was unable to locate their birth parents - maybe this will have a sequel. The other was a woman who knew her birth mom's name, but it turned out to be too common for her to dig through all the possibilities. DNA testing found her aunt, and her aunt got her in touch with her birth mom. Mom knows who the dad was, but they didn't pursue that because dad was gone before mom knew she was pregnant.

Also on the TV were three college football games. Fresno at San Jose, Cal vs UCLA and AZ vs AZ State. I see on my app that last night UW clobbered WSU in Seattle.

While I was watching football, there was a big gust of wind outside and a big crash. I went outside, and the for sale sign was on the front steps, blown about a dozen feet and dented. The realtor's shingle blew off into the garden a couple of days ago. This sign is plate metal, fairly heavy and normally hangs from S hooks inside a solid wooden arch planted in the front garden.

Updated LinkedIn to show I was open to working.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch some football
Do some vacuuming. Clean & run the roomba

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