Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It was a dark and stormy day. No lunch. Casserole was delish but not like momma made

All the bananas are still green, so breakfast was oatmeal and HB egg. And it was early - pre-9. As usual on a Sunday there was a lot of football on Tivo. 49ers did not play up to their abilities, and lost to Baltimore, whose QB is a one-man band.

And then the Raiders had a serious butt-stomping by KC. I have the Houston-New England game paused at about 5 minutes till the end, where it met real time. Texans were well ahead, but with the Pats it's not over till the woman of generous proportions hits a high C.

Stripped the bed and tossed the sheets in the washer. Made the bed with different sheets. Second laundry load was shirts, which are de-wrinkling on the bed. Spook helped both with making the bed (she cried when she was caught under the comforter) and making sure the shirts did not levitate.

Nibbling on popcorn and Ghirardelli raspberry flavored chocolate ruined my appetite for lunch. To make up for it I found a recipe for a simple casserole online and found I had all the ingredients on hand, sort of. There was a can of cream of mushroom soup (they wanted cream of chicken) and I have plenty of tuna, instead of macaroni there was penne pasta and I had to open a brick of sharp cheddar and fit the grater attachment into the mandolin slicer. Also use some shredded mozzarella. And this also was a good way to use the otherwise useless can of minced crab meat. 350° for 25 minutes worked.

But it was about an hour too soon, so salad first, and put a serving of the casserole into the empty salad bowl and nuked it for 2.5 minutes. Yummy! Need to store the rest.

Grapes and whipped cream for dessert. Strawberries were supposed to be in there but they had fuzzied up too much.

From time to time today I opened a door and checked on the storm. Hung the for sale sign and the realtor's shingle back on the frame. After the sign had blown onto the front steps, the garden clippings bin had been blown over onto the bad neighbor's property, along with a mess of branches I don't think I had put in there.

Went online and researched the EBT card. Turns out all of my groceries can be bought with it, including crab and lobster, at all the major supermarkets, Dollar Tree, TJ's, 99 Ranch Market, Target and New Wing Yuan, my neighborhood Asian place. 7-11 too.

And it can be used to buy meals tax-free in Subway, Burger King, Carl's Junior, El Pollo Loco, Wingstop and one Straw Hat Pizza in SJ.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Social Security about that decrease in my benefits
GO for surgical strike shopping (mostly salad stuff)


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