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Flyers, Groc, Football, Prime Videos

It may have been this morning or yesterday, Spook climbed up on my tummy (I was under the comforter) and sat there while I petted her for several minutes. Yesterday she climbed up onto the foot rest of the recliner when I had it up, interested in what I was eating (American cheese). When the lights came on this morning she jumped onto the bed and curled up behind me, stayed there till I was out of the shower, and hid under the bed till I was out of the bathroom. Maybe there is hope for her becoming a lap cat eventually. But probably not.

The usual breakfast, now that the bananas are ripe enough. Watched a couple of storm chasers in the snow in  NY and somewhere else in the Northeast.

Read all the news, played solitaire and tile matching, then turned on the Amazon Fire and tried to watch a free prime video named Brittany Runs a Marathon. After an hour of hoping it gets better, I deleted it. Bad everything. No acting whatsoever, stupid script, uninspired camera work, and so on. Next on the watch list was something called Evolution starring David Duchovney and Julianne Moore. Excellent tech & special effects. The story is a meteor hit the desert in Arizona, and DD is a biology teacher at a community college after being fired from his military biologist job. The meteor is carrying one celled life, which quickly mutates into all kinds of interesting things. Moore is the CDC bimbo assigned to the case. well written for the most part with some funny references to XFiles.

Brought in the garbage bins.

Had another of those seafood dishes for lunch.

Grocery Outlet for salad fixings and desserts. Sarah Lee apple pie, and some off brand southern "pudding " cake which turned out to be a delish chocolate bundt cake.

Delivered was a 3-month supply of both insulins. I still had about 2 months' worth in the fridge. And my diabetes doctor wants to switch me over to a 1-a-day pen. I'll talk to him a week from tomorrow about that. It will probably mean throwing out all that insulin, and many hundreds of syringes, unless he has a better idea.

No word from Realtor, so I scanned in the flyer and printed 10, put them in the holder on the for sale sign. Not so simple because it's a double sided flyer so I had to print the front 10 times, put those in the cartridge face up and print the backs. Somehow got it right the first time.

Tivo failed me, it was not recording MNF, I had to start it in the 2nd quarter. A great game with the Seahawks beating the Vikings decisively until about 5 minutes from the end, when they tried to give away the game. But they failed to fail, and the Hawks won by 7 points. Should have been 20.

Casserole for diner, southern mud pudding for dessert. It was good dark chocolate cake, but not in any way pudding.

Spook has been playing with her little mice toys, and is spending way too much time inside the tube. She carries a mouse in her mouth, dives into the tube, drops the mouse and either jumps out after it or just ignores it and grooms herself in that tiny space.

I streamed on YT for half an hour, nobody noticed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the denture clinic. Maybe they can look at my dentures in the afternoon.
Hopefully watch the daily ride home

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