Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Dentures Fixed, Bullet Bitten, Naptime for Bonzo

Up with the alarm, I think. Hgl at 8:30 was 103, which is pretty good but not as good as yesterday's 99. BP was a wee bit high.

9 am called the denture clinic, the doctor said he was working alone today, and I could come in at 10. He's in San Jose not far from the train station/Shark Tank, and I figured on a 45 minute commute when I hopped in the car, but I was there by 9:30. And he was the only one in the office. Took me right away, confirmed that there were no cracks and it just needed some smoothing. Less than 5 minutes. I get the impression the business is not doing so well, which is sad because he's really good, took over from his father.

I thought about wasting some time down the block in Starbucks, but went straight home instead. Got caught in serious commuter traffic. Diamond lanes are open to all after 9 am, but not the metered lights, so I did get a wee bit of a boost from the decals on the car. But not that much.

Glad I went straight home, because they finally were starting to pour concrete for the house across the street's driveway. Live streamed it until the cement truck went away. And it started to rain lightly. The crew spent hours more on minutia - smoothing the surface, squaring the edges, scoring lines to make a pattern of large squares.

The rest of the day was kind of a wash. Lots of FB, Shark Tank on Tivo was mostly holiday crap which I FFed past. Below Deck was okay, but the chief stew doesn't understand that part of her job is training #2. And art of #2's job is to not have an affair with a deck hand. The chef continues to be a douchebag, but at least he is making food the clients enjoy, which he did not start out doing.

Watched the daily drive home on Twitch, and started looking at various random streams but kept nodding off, so I took a nap. Spook curled up at my back until I woke up, but I only got up for a potty break, then fired up the tablet and stayed in bed. After 10 minutes Spook returned.

I got up for good around 6. I had finished the trilogy, but had not started reading the next book, a Seanan McGuire novel from Tor.

Spook begged for treats, which she got.

Salad, watched PTI and channel surfed to PD Body Camera which spent way too much time showing unwatchable night time body cam video. The PD in question apparently hasn't heard of night vision cameras or binoculars.

Dinner was clam strips and shrimp egg rolls. The egg rolls were horrible, ate 3, flushed down the rest. Southern chocolate cake for dessert.

It's clear I won't be in Nevada by the end of the year, which is when my CA car registration expires, so I bit the bullet and renewed online. Transferred $ from savings to checking to cover it. While I was at it I paid off my BofA credit card with savings, about $400.

Pretty soon I'll probably need to draw from my brokerage account again.

Still crickets from Realtor and Contractor.

Plans for tomorrow:
Just to get out of the house I may drive to the SMART station and recycle my sharps container.

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