Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Powerless, but not for long. Bears fail to lose.

Set the alarm for 7 instead of 7:30, which let me do my morning stuff, including a banana and HB egg, read the news, comment on FB and shut the PC down well before 8:30. Had about 15 minutes to spare, was in the kitchen putting water in a bowl for Spook because without power her water fountain is useless. There's no reservoir. I checked in the shed, turns out I had thrown away the other water fountains.

The power shut down at exactly 8:30. I took my fully charged laptop, tablet and a pair of PNB&J sandwiches out to the car. And the bright yellow tag announcing the outage. It was seriously foggy out there. I walked across the street and handed the notice to one of the workers, who had no idea what it said. He handed it to his foreman. I doubt they were given the memo. Some of their work is done with hand tools, so they had stuff to do, I guess.

Drove downtown to the big Starbucks, snagged 3-hour free parking right outside. 8:45, so plan to move on by 11:45. Got a Chai latte and an almond criossant, grabbed an empty table, plugged in the laptop and messed around on Twitch and Facebook. Tried streaming on Twitch from he laptop but Streamlabs had copied the setup from the PC, and some of those files are missing from the laptop.

Ditto the book I was reading. I left the tablet in the car, did not feel like going out to fetch it.

Right at 11:30 my Samsung SmartThings hub sent a message that it was back online. I opened up the webcam app and all the cameras were up, so instead of moving on to the library I headed home. Stopped along the way at Lucky's and bought stuff on my list. And egg nog. Then walked to the other side of the parking lot and bought some wings, mashed potatoes and cole slaw from KFC.

Home, lunch time. No salad since I had cole slaw, and had the KFC for lunch. Only ate half the wings. Chocolate cake for dessert. One more piece left.

PTI on Tivo. On the PC set up to stream to YouTube, discovered that every time you launch a stream there you have to plug in a new code into Streamlabs. PIA. Talked for half an hour. No chatters. No trolls either.

Watched a lot of news on TV. It's amazing how stupidly all the stations use the same clips. And how they avoid mentioning Bernie Sanders.

Dinner was the last piece of duck and most of the KFC. I left over 2 wings because they are too spicy. More like Popeyes than KFC. I can use them in soup later.

J wanted to get together for lunch tomorrow, but I have that hangouts interview. We'll do lunch on Sunday. Doctor's office called, she wants me to do my labs. I'll do that Saturday morning (fasting - do them at the Santa Clara lab, since MV is closed weekends).

Watched the Bears clobber Dallas. They tried to give the game away but it was a half-hearted effort. I guess I can stop calling their QB Two-bit-ski now.

Spent some time watching a streamer who had spent 6 months in Thailand hanging out every night on a street which is all beer all night in Bangkok and the bar street in Phuket. He is now surf fishing in the Falklands, a much more wholesome environment. Love the ocean sounds.

Car's key fob had acted flaky a few days ago so I put in a new battery.

Mail did not get collected till about 6 pm. Nothing delivered.

Played with photoshop

The humpback of Notre Dame

Plans for tomorrow:
Interview at 11:30
There are shows to watch on Tivo & Prime
Seanan's book is getting interesting.

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