Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

My head hurts

Reality sunk in a little deeper this afternoon. My EBT (aka Food Stamps) card arrived, and the allowance is only $160 a month. It will help, a little.

Meanwhile, the interview this morning went very well. Turns out the interviewer remembered me from my gig at Google. The last project I was on was his soundbar. He's going to try to line up an in-person interview with the hiring manager (he's the liaison with the contract company).

Work would not start till January 6, best case.

Meanwhile, crickets again from Realtor.

Work continues across the street, but intermittent rain is not helping.

For lunch I ate one of the PNB&J sandwiches after a salad. Dinner was a bigger salad followed by about half of a smoked turkey leg. Probably should have had some carbs with that. Mint chip ice cream for dessert.

Nibbled on Famous Amos a couple of times.

Watched the daily drive home. Played with Stream Elements streaming from my PC. Also tried from my phone but it doesn't carry over any of my overlays.

Lowe's, looked for a water pan for Spook. She used to love dipping her paw into a pan I had under an orchid, 10" wide and about 4" deep. Eventually I moved the orchid so she had total access to the pan, and she loved that. It took a while to find because they moved the display into a corner behind a huge collection of miniature Jesus trees. Less than $2. Online it's about $6. 

Lots of stuff on Tivo. The White Water Gold was a rerun, deleted after about 5 minutes. Ex on the Beach pulled a fast one and moved the show to a ski resort in New Zealand and called it something about peak experiences. All the participants were miffed when Romeo showed up, they had not signed up for an Ex show. And to make things more confusing, there is a female impersonator as well as a post-op trans woman. And one guy I think is very very hetero who claims to be bi. Temptation Island lied - this was not the final episode. One more to go. In this one they sent 2 men and 2 women home, and gave the remaining 8 couples overnight "dates" with people they are being tempted by. One guy bought an engagement ring to give to the girlfriend he brought to the island, while she was boinking the guy she fell in love with on the other side of the island. He will be crying next week.  PTI as usual, but minus Mike.

Still to be watched is LI Medium and one more Gold Rush.

Watched the Pac 12 championship which was being held down the street at Levi's. Tuned in at the start of the second half and stopped watching when Oregon started to give away their 20-0 lead to Utah. Turns out they gave up 15 in the 3rd quarter but won 37-15.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fasting lab tests at Kaiser Homestead
Monthly party at the community center
Bake some turnovers

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