Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Early start, pause, late finish

Not the usual morning. After getting dressed took my pills but no insulin, and headed for Kaiser Homestead to bleed for them. Got there before 9, traffic was not too bad, plenty of parking, not a long wait at the check-in desk but about 10 minutes for a seat in the bloodatorium. Just blood this time.

I had brought my nearly full sharps container, but the recycle boxes had been removed from the front of the building, and there were none in the lab. Lab helper said they were in the pharmacy, which was not open yet. Phlebotomist said they were indoors now, near the rear entrance.

After the blood draw, I walked to the rear of the building, did not see the bins anywhere by the doors in or out. On my way back, there they were, two of them, no longer army green, now blue and red, hidden behind a large potted plant.

Next stop, the pharmacy. No sharps bins there, those bins are for expired prescriptions. Bought a sharps container and some gauze alcohol pads. Long line, but quick service.

Home, had half an hour to check email, then on to the community center and the monthly birthday party, which somehow had been re-arranged into a holiday party. I stayed an hour, no happy birthday was sung. Home, plugged in the car.

And the rest of the day was kind of slow. I baked three packages of turnovers - cherry, apple and peach.

It rained on and off all day.

Spook was feeling a bit off, she had barfed in two places, but she was bothering me all day for treats. She seems to have given up on the fancy flower water fountain now that she has her planter water dish. It's a good height for her to lap from or dip her paw in.

Online on Twitch I watched for about 90 minutes as a Las Vegas streamer waited at the finish line of the Santa 5k. Pretty much everyone was in a red and white santa coat and hat. They walked from there to Fremont Experience, which is where the race had started. As time wore on, there were fewer santas.

Lunchtime, I watched two episodes of Long Island Medium. Recalling when I was a Long Island Extra Large. Salad and PNB&J sandwich for lunch. Turnover for dessert.

Read the news online, turned on Tivo and watched the end of the Ohio State - Wisconsin game. And was thrilled to see the score of the LSU beat-down of Georgia.

Bored, out of things to do, went to lie down for a bit, watching videos on the tablet. After about 20 minutes I hear snoring behind me - Spook had managed to sneak onto the bed and curl up at my back without me noticing.

Made chicken and rice soup for dinner, hoping the process would drain some of the spiciness from the KFC wings. It did not. Another turnover for dessert. Bagged the remaining turnovers in pairs, put them in the 2nd veggie bin in the fridge.

Graham Norton had on both Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. And two men guests I never heard of. Hillary called dibs on the big red chair flipper.

Watched the new Gold Rush episode, but quit before the white water section. I'll see that when it comes out separately. Channel surfing found Svengoolie on a new channel. He does creature features. Nice to have two of those Bad Old Movies shows.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lunch w/J
take out the garbage

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