Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

9ers squeak by, Raiders and Seahawks don't, Out to Lunch in Mongolia

Up on time but out of bed late - after 9. Had the usual breakfast, checked the full backup in progress and it looked wrong. App said 107 TB of data for an 8 TB drive. And very small % backed up.

Rushed through the news & FB, sad to see Odo died, and Big Bird too.

11:00 too soon to head to lunch with J, folded and put away undies instead. Then onto the freeway, where staying in the left lane was a good idea because the right three lanes were bunching up and well below the speed limit for no reason. Parked in the garage, walked 2 blocks to Mongolian BBQ. J arrived about 2 minutes later.

Note to self: the lamb and pork are excellent but the beef has a lot of gristle. Otherwise a pretty good meal. Egg drop soup was delivered and it was perfect. The spring rolls were fresh and crunchy. Soft ice cream was only vanilla and only in a cone (no dishes).

Back home, played online, FB and Twitch. Started tweaking StreamElements.

Tivo, watched the 49ers win a cardiologist's delight game in New Orleans in the final second. It was a very close game, both teams played hard, the Saints gave the game away with some really bad unsportsmanlikeconduct calls. Jimmy G still is not getting the ball into the end zone when he needs to.

Bonus is they showed the last 5 minutes of the Ravens holding off the Bills.

Stopped the backup, checked the settings, started again. Same error in drive size but backing up more quickly. Will leave the PC on overnight and see what happens.

FFed through the Raiders game - they lost by a bunch. Seahawks/Rams is on Tivo but it was a route so I won't watch it.

Watched the rest of Svengoolie, a pretty good bad land that time forgot clone.

Dinner was salad, some more smoked turkey leg, and two turnovers.

Creature Features is paused. I'll finish later. Very strange low budget flick written and directed by Francis Coppola.  There is not trace of his later talents. Major casting no-no, he cast almost identical looking blondes as the fiancé and as the sister of the man she's engaged to.

Streamed for a while as I was working some of the kinks out of switching from Streamlabs to StreamElements. Two of the storm chaser crowd popped in. hat was nice. Also got a ton of follows, need to check them out.

Took out the garbage way late.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay close to home. Expecting an interview invite.

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