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Streaming Evolving, Backup Puzzle, Garbage, #20

Slept through the alarm, I think I told GoogleHome to turn it off in my sleep. Or close to it. Next thing I knew it was more than half an hour later. Up and dressed and blood tested by 8:45. 107, a good reading. BP was normal as well. No weight change from yesterday, but still 2 lbs higher than my average.

Workers had two big trucks parked in front of #20, instead of using the new driveway to park they set up a rotary saw on a table there. I watched them unload all kinds of carpet installation material - they mostly worked inside the house again, even though it wasn't raining, and isn't expected to rain again for a week. At least not more than a trace. The big outside project was installing posts all around the base, which I guess they will attach the facings to.

Watched some NASA clips on YouTube, the Progress supply craft from Russia. They now have 5 craft docked to the station. Including the Soyuz. Soon an American ship will be bringing people up there instead of just supplies.

Listened to KNBR (sports radio) on the Sonos speakers because football analysis & speculation.

Joined in the daily drive home. Got him to switch from Jesus holiday music to bluegrass.

Built a shopping list on Keep, and when the car was charged went to Grocery Outlet and bought all the things, plus 2 lbs of frozen cooked tail-off shrimp for $10. Was going to buy a party tray of tail-on with cocktail sauce for $5, but (a) it was only 10 oz and (b) I have no used for cocktail sauce, or tails.

Home, finally was able to register and log into my EBT account - "unknown error" apparently was it didn't want a ! in my password. They really need a more descriptive error message. Turns out I have $330 on the card which I can't use because they haven't sent the PIN yet. Meanwhile, interest on my Capitol One card was $139 this month. I need another 0% card, but the balance transfer will cost about $300.

I really need to sell this house.

I bought it at the end of November, one would think the stars could align again.

My backup software was still saying it was backing up 170 TB when the drive is only a half-full 8 TB. And I was very slow. Ran it overnight and it was still cranking. Finally I deleted the backup and made a new one which did not report the size, but it's at 25% and the file shows 100% would be 3.7 TB, so I'll let it run to completion, whenever that is.

Fired up Stream Elements again, had two chatters and then a barrage of annoyances from a troll. I need to talk to the police.

Crickets from both Realtor and Google.

Tivo, saving Below Deck for tomorrow. PTI was good, Someone told me the MNF game went into overtime so I FFed 3x to OT and watched the Eagles win. Eli Manning threw some great passes, I was wrong to write him off, but Wentz won the day.

God Friended Me was pretty convoluted. A very tricky O. Henry ending to the main plot, a tear jerker closure to the Bishop-Singer relationship which would have been more effective had he brought the other clergy with him to hear his fiancé sing. And a totally messed up ending to the main love story. But IMDB says Violett Beane is in the next episode, so maybe not an ending.

Two episodes of Dating Unfiltered. As usual the gay guys were a mismatch, so were the hetero pairs, but the lesbians who did not look at all like a match physically turned out to be exactly what each of them was looking for, and they are now an item on Instagram.  

Lunch: salad and a toasted bagel with butter, cream cheese, American cheese, Swiss cheese sardines and red onion slice. Ice cream sandwich.
Dinner: salad and a Salisbury steak frozen dinner. Joker (mint cookie) ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call SV police to follow up on my complaint against the troller
Keep the PC on till the backup completes. I may need to reboot the NAS drive after.
Maybe I'll hear from Google
Watch and maybe stream #20 work


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