Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sticker Shock, MNF Smackdown, Full Moon FAIL

Weird dreams last night. I had some kind of electronic equipment which was buzzing because it needed to be connected to another piece. Each time I woke up for a pit stop and went back to sleep the next piece appeared, I connected it, and the buzzing got less intense until finally the whole system was connected and there was no buzzing, but Spook, who had been sleeping on the bed by my feet, was elsewhere.

Stripped the fitted sheet, and threw it into the wash with the jeans and T-shirts.

The usual morning, except the backup was still running, slowly, and should have been done hours before.**

Read all the news, and was shocked at how reluctant the mayor of New Jersey City was to call an obvious hate crime against a Jewish deli what it was. Later saw him change his mind. He's a Sikh, with a Joisey accent. And one wonders at their police training - 200 rounds fired. Waiting to hear how many of the victims were hit by police bullets.

My LibDem cousins are all crying about the Conservatives apparently winning a majority. They are drawing conclusions from exit polls. Which is funny because this vote is to decide whether to exit from the EU. The exiteers have been vindicated. Frankly, I don't think it's such a big deal, as the UK did not adopt the Euro or the open border which were the main reasons to join in the first place. Immigration rules were relaxed, and people from the EU who got the equivalent of green cards can be sent home.

I prefer the official results to exit polls. As of this writing, the Conservatives hold 363 seats, 37 more than they needed.

No rain, but no work was done on #20 today. A couple of inspectors dropped by in the afternoon.

About 11:30 I received the contractor's estimate, from someone's personal AOL account, not from the guy who did the estimate. About $8k. Yikes. I expected $5k. Called the estimator and asked for an ETA when they could start and how long it would take. Will have to sell too much stock to cover this. He finally called back around 5:30. Says he was in a car accident, nobody was hurt but he had left my paperwork in the car and then the holidays... It was a whole month. Someone from his company could have emailed, texted or called. I really ought to call another company for an estimate. The folks who installed my carport columns and kitchen LED lights.

Salad for lunch with a peanut butter chaser. Bigger salad for dinner, plus a beef merlot steamer bowl. Ran a second dishwasher load.

Tivo froze and rebooted while recording PTI. It lost about 7 minutes of the show. This is the 3rd time it has happened recently. And there have been other recording glitches. Message on the machine that they are having a 50% off sale, so for $100 I'm getting a new box and another $100 for an annual subscription. They don't offer the lifetime one anymore and I couldn't afford it anyway. Due 12/18.

Hung up the jeans and T-shirts, and made the bed. Spook dove under the top sheet as I was putting the comforter on, and it took her a while to find her way out.

I had Goodwilled about 100 T-shirts, and the hangers were still in the closet. None of the donation sites will take them so I bagged them and tosse them in the garbage bin. It took about half an hour and it was my last 2 tall kitchen bags. Went online to see what Target charged (my Costco account has expired) and found 120 for 13 cents each. Amazon had the same type, 200 for 10 cents each. Free delivery tomorrow. I need them by Sunday.

**backup ended with an error, nothing was backed up. The new version of the software can back up directly to my NAS drive, I did not have to fool it into seeing a virtual drive S:. So it's backing up again, this time directly. Fingers crossed, it will take 24 hours or so.

Still crickets from Google. Realtor left more flyers in the box yesterday, but no word from her either.

I streamed for a while. No trolls but lots of new followers. Put up a "watching football" notice and watched the Ravens beat the Jets.It was a route despite a couple of huge mistakes by Baltimore which cost them 2 TDs.

Went outside to photograph the last full moon of the decade, but only glimpsed it briefly before it went completely behind the clouds.
Plans for tomorrow:
Look up the other contractor company and contact them
Go to the community center and see if they have a December edition of the magazine. November would work too.

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