Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Crickets are still in season

Spook did her usual 4 am bail, breakfast was as usual, workers were taking advantage of the non-rain early, I streamed the action in two sessions before and after lunch. Jimmy Dean croissant.

Got caught up in FB and tivo, almost missed the daily ride home.

No word from Realtor or contractor, so I emailed the company which did such a good job replacing my carport columns and installing the LED kitchen lights and remote controllable switch. They did some other work but I forget what. I asked for someone to come by and give an estimate.

Watched Vegas Penguin partying in Wisconsin. The stream for charity is tomorrow.

Tivo cornucopia - PTI. Ex on the Beach sent the right woman home. Kind of a shame, though because she is pretty and has searchlight blue eyes, and ought to be able to hook up with one of the singles. Singles did not get a vote.  Gold Rush listed three shows but two were re-runs. The last one I watched until it caught up with real time. To be continued. Temptation Island lied to us about this being the final episode. They only had one couple complete the bonfire scene, the woman manipulated the man into leaving with her. He should have kicked her to the curb. The second couple was heading for a break-up, but they cut it off after the FU from the gal, but before the final FU from the guy. To be continued in a 2-hour finale + reunion. All three LI Medium episodes were reruns.

Streamed for almost an hour, three of the storm chaser chasers popped in.

Tried to make popcorn in my microwave, but it started making pops of its own, as if some metal had been tossed in. Switched to the built-in microwave above the oven. Tetrazzini for dinner did the same thing, so that microwave is loaded into the car to be recycled tomorrow. It's a Toshiba inverter. Ordered a Panasonic inverter - the non-inverter was $10 less, but all the reports say the inverter uses a lot less electricity and cooks more evenly, and more intelligently. It may get here tomorrow.

Tivo expects the new Bolt to be here Monday. I need to see if I can swap in the cable card from the current one.

Delivered this evening was the box of 200 13-gallon drawstring garbage bags. Four rolls of 50. Pretty small but heavy box.

In the mailbox was my car registration renewal tags. The notice says it's an Inifiniti, I've emailed the dealer to find out if this is a mistake or the official designation for a Leaf.

Also from USPS but on my carport steps was the annual calendar from my UK cousins. Sadly I am not doing one this year.

And it has started drizzling.

Plans for tomorrow:
SMART station - recycle microwave and power supplies and maybe old BP meters
BB&B or Target, SodaStream cartridge exchange. I used a lot this month
Starbucks coffee date with J


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