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Up and out of bed on time this morning, but every time I wake up it takes a while to get motivated to stand up, put on my slippers and head for the bathroom. Spook had snuck in behind me last night, but was parked down the hall this morning. She came into the bedroom as I was brushing my teeth, and fought with the cat in the mirror. She does this when the sunlight hits it just right.

Hgl was okay, took my meds, shot up insulin, took a banana and a sliced HB egg to the office and had breakfast while I checked email and FB. Looked at Twitch, but nobody was chasing storms. TWC had lots of footage of their own, and clips of tornado damage from TV stations near where they happened.

It's Monday but feels like Saturday.

At about 9 I saw Lee outside and told her she could use my garden garbage bin but I was too late, that truck came around as we were talking. But she will hold onto it for next week. Garbage people did not pick up my tagged extra bag just left it on the ground. Well, not quite. The regular garbage truck which should have collected it instead placed it on top of the recycled garbage bin. The recycled garbage truck tossed it on the ground and left it.

Afternoon daily drive home started up playing The Little Drummer boy, so I have lost that challenge. I left the stream immediately and won't be checking back in until after Jesus Days are over. He'll be playing that music every day till then.

Irked me because I had put off shopping to watch the stream. Went to the big Safeway, bought everything on my list except Perfect For One chocolate cake mixes, which they don't carry. Looked for but did not find raw turkey legs. Their space was taken up by a year's supply of frozen whole turkeys. No crab yet - the season started yesterday, but I guess it will take time for distribution to occur. Unless I want to go to Fisherman's Wharf in SF. Paid with the EBT card - about $100. No problem.

Thought about getting coconut water and canned Thai iced tea at the Asian supermarket but it was not on my way home and I needed to get the mint chip ice cream sandwiches into the freezer.

Put stuff away. Streamed for half an hour. Unloaded the dishwasher. Still need to unload the dryer & hang up shirts. Replaced the litterbox cartridge.

Fedex lied - the Tivo Bolt never left Tracy. Scheduled for tomorrow instead. :-(

Once again Tivo did not set itself to record MNF, I started recording at the halftime 2 minute warning. Tuned in half an hour later and watched Drew Brees break a couple of records while crushing the Colts.

Watched PTI first.  And back to a 2-hour NatGeo special on animals surviving harsh conditions, which I kept nodding off during. Tetrazzini for dinner, that extra cup of cream of xxx soup and milk helps a lot. Joker ice cream and an egg cream for dessert.

Contractor called, said it would take 2 weeks to start work, so I fired him. If the cash sale happens, there's no reason for me to spend that kind of cash up front. I can reduce the sales price by $5k if needed. No word from Realtor yet.

No word back from my Nissan dealer about the [apparent] mistake on my car registration.

Plans for tomorrow:
Asian supermarket?

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