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Groc, Opth, TV, Pox

After breakfast there was car charging and Grocery Outlet shopping, but three things I go there for were not in stock. I compensated with snacks - wheat thins, ritz crackers and sandies cookies. And stocked up on dark chocolate. It does not look like the house will sell any time soon, so emptying the freezer is not such a thing at the moment.

Lunch was salad and a Jimmy Dean criossant.

Ophthalmology 6-month appointment, a major FAIL because my tummy kept me from getting my eye where it needed to be for the eye chart test. Could not make out a thing, and the tech was totally unhelpful. Good news is the major issues are stable.

Home, finished going through this year's photos for calendar shots. Found 2 dozen, easily pared down to 12 + a cover. Used my cropping macro in Photoshop and then added captions. Ordered 25 from the online printing center, which has done my last 3. It came in at about $250. Not my best calendar but good enough. I won't be mailing many of them until after my move.

Watched PTI, only Mike and a stand-in.

Dinner salad then finished off two packets of tetrazzini and a cup of soup&milk gravy. Mochi.

The main entertainment on tivo was the final Temptation Island plus an hour of reunion. Bottom line is none of the couples who left together stayed together. My predictions on who would leave together was about 75% right.

Gold rush is recording, will watch tomorrow.

At about 10 this morning I phoned SVPD, they told me to call back after 9 pm because the night desk handled online stuff. I called back after 9, the receptionist was confused, but hunted up the night desk officer, who said they refer people to IC3. Internet Crime Complaint Center. That's the FBI. So I filed a complaint, included my correspondence with Santa Clara tech crimes unit and SVPD. I hope something comes of this.

No real plans for tomorrow.

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