Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Thursday comes on Saturday

Skipped the new residents' tea this morning, it was cold & dreary outside and it seemed like a futile thing to go to. Also skipped karaoke, since they were doing a holiday songs one, it's in a church and it would have been way too much Jesus for me.

Delivered was a tripod-mountable holder for a tablet, which I may use to live stream. I didn't like the phone being tied up for that.

In the mail was the Quicken Mastercard which was supposed to have transferred my Capitol One balance to a 0% interest program, but logging in, there was no transfer. Cap1 also has not sent me anything about that transaction.

Also in the mail was a note from Social Security saying I sent in the wrong form to dispute the reduction in my dole, and they included the right form which I filled out and included what little evidence I have that I was unemployed all year.

Pollock in yellow sauce for lunch, this time it took both pieces to make a meal. Heated up some egg drop soup and poured it over rice for dinner. It was okay.

Took a nap for 45 minutes. Spook decided to continue to be tube cat, did not join me.

On tivo were two football games. Thursday night football - 49ers vs. Rams. It was another last second win for the 9ers. And UW vs. Boise State in the Las Vegas Bowl. Huskies beat the crap out of them. Boise was 12-1 and UW was 7-5 which just goes to show how weak Boise's division is. Final game for UW coach, who came to them from Boise. Pissed me off that I could have been at the game if my house plans had worked.

Put my calendar photos on Flickr.

Apparently not in any local stores anymore, I ordered a couple of boxes of Duncan Hines Perfect for 1 mug cakes on Amazon.

J texted, coffee tomorrow. She will be happy to hear I filed the FBI report.

Plans for tomorrow:
Recycle the old Tivo and NAS drive ??
Coffee w/J

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