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Annoying habits, getting out of the house, football

Spook mostly stayed in the livingroom last night. She keeps fishing those little mouse toys out of the basket and batting them all the way across the room and under the small recliner. And I need to trim her claws.

4 am heavy downpour woke me up.

Morning online routine included playing a YouTube the Artemis capsule landing (about 4 am) and a post-landing press conference. Later one of the news sites, BBC I think, mentioned that not being able to dock meant the crew did not get some clothing or their Xmas presents. I also checked what was new on the Indian lunar module, and found a clip from NASA showing it had crashed and pretty much vaporized on impact, so all the claims of the India space agency that they had located it and were communicating with it were lies. Pretty sad that they are so unprofessional.

After breakfast, watched the Saints hold on to a 3-point lead and win by 10 against the Titans. Brees was not as impressive as last week, but one of his receivers broke a couple of records. Watched the Chiefs walk all over the Bears.

Took a break to go to Lucky's for the BofA ATM, and for celery, limes and scallions**. Some idiot was standing in front of the ATM waiting for the light to change or something. Just standing there, not pushing any buttons. So I went shopping. Came back, he was still wandering in the area, but I had to wait for someone else to finish. It gave me a choice of 100's 20's and 10's, I asked for a mix of 20's and 10's but it gave me the full amount in 20's.

Home, Spook was curled up in my bed.

Watched the Raiders play in LA, and was very amused that the commentators were surprised that the Raiders had about 75% of the fans, and the Chargers felt like the away team. They apparently did not know that the Raiders were an LA team from 1982–1994 and won a Superbowl their 2nd year there. The move to Las Vegas will put them closer to LA. 269 miles compared to Oakland 370 miles.

It was a close game at the end, and Tivo cut out at 3 hours, with 2 minutes left to play and LA had the ball. I had to look up the final score. Raiders won. It was sloppy, on both sides.

Seahawks lost, I didn't bother to watch that replay.

**I used to get sunflower kernels at Lucky's, they don't have them anymore, so I ordered some online.

Lunchtime I had an almost traditional Sunday meal - bagel, cream cheese, lox and swiss cheese. Lucky's had a whole refrigerator's worth of Dungeness crabs, cooked, $6/lb so a 2-lb one was dinner. Spook ate all the tidbits I tossed to her, but after 3 or 4 she was satisfied and embedded herself in the sheepskin rug.

On FB I'm getting compliments on my calendar photo pages. I have enough postage from last year to cover two overseas and about a half dozen domestic copies.

4 pm met J at Starbucks, she has developed an annoying habit of nervous laughter which is more like a cackle, which she does every time she mentions something embarrassing or amusing to her (but no one else).

We had to move to the other side of the place when a loud, rude group of Asians shoehorned about 20 people into the table for 8 next to us. As soon as we moved they commandeered the chairs we had been in. And then they were gone in about 15 minutes. Most of them did not buy Starbucks drinks, they brought outside food - treats.

Home, salad & dinner & football.

Watched Creature Features - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - 1920 silent German made film, I actually have it on DVD for Bad Movie Night. The sets and backdrops are horrible, costumes are okay except for the hats. All the actors have dark eye makeup and white face makeup, which was a Thing™ in early B&W films. Acting was typical silent era, the text cards were in English, and there were not nearly as many as the apparent dialog called for. The Creature Feature segments I mostly FFed through because they didn't have a special guest this time, and were filling time by reading way too many letters.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nails - try walk-in
Charge the car
Have a go at egg drop soup from scratch, just broth as a base. Use the non-stick pot

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