Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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It's later than I think

Today's lunchtime adventure involved taking out my large nonstick pot, emptying a carton of chicken broth into it, adding some minced garlic and heating it up. Added 2 tbsp of corn starch dissolved in water, and waited for the mixture to thicken, stirring almost constantly. Fork-beat a pair of fresh whole eggs. When it began to simmer, slowly added the eggs while stirring. Successful egg drop, then added a handful of chopped scallions, and half as much chopped celery. Cooked for a few minutes then ladled half into a soup bowl and enjoyed.

Door bell rang, Lee wanted to know if I had seen my other side neighbors. She didn't Get It ® that this is a holiday weekend, all three of neighbor's cars are in the driveway and their rent bill is still in the park mail slot. Obviously on vacation. Neither of us miss them at all, so why is she worried? Because she is worried about everything.

Back to my soup, which is cold now but that's okay because I forgot one ingredient. It needed meat. So I ground up a frozen cooked sausage and added that. Perfect. And though I had planned on freezing the result for later, ended up making that my lunch.

Hopped in the car and headed for the nails place, made a wrong turn and was 15 minutes later than the 2 pm target (I did not have an appointment). They were booked, and told me to come back at 4:30. So I went across the street to charge the car, but  two guys were working on the chargers. They did not appear to know what they were doing, and after an hour they were still going through the same motions.

While waiting I called a recruiter who had sent email about a possible streaming media job at Ericsson in Santa Clara, possibly some people there who were co-workers at Microsoft. 3rd party, so I don't hold out much hope.

So I went back across the street, used the restroom, then got a mocha at the Safeway Starbucks and sat in the little area by the door with a view of the self-checkout line. Very busy day, lots of people working for Safeway for free. Lots of eye candy. Plenty of young women in ski pants. One of the stations was out of order, but the person who was supposed to be helping just let people discover the fact on their own.

On to the nails place, there was a little mix up when they saw I was in for an acrylic fill not a standard manicure. The good news is the prettiest one in the place did my nails. And after a while one of the pedi customers sat next to me to have her fingernails done in fire engine red. Had a nice conversation with her. Again, lots of eye candy in the place.

Drove across the street, a car was charging in one of the stations, so I pulled up to the other, which had its screen showing it was down for maintenance. Ha!

Home, plugged in the car. It should be done overnight.

Mail had not been collected yet.

Just went and got it. Annual newsletter from a friend in Maryland, and a blurb and calendar from the realtor who my Realtor got to MLS list my home. He also does my insurance I think.

Delivered before 9 am - two packages from Amazon for a single order of identically sized boxes of cake mix. The boxes were different sizes.

Also delivered was a card from Sally, a former state assemblywoman who is running for state senate. She is not my rep. I'm fine with my current senator. Sally was a PIA when she was Mountain View city council member. She ran for this seat last time against the other Dem who won, and she only received 33% of the votes.

On order from Amazon are sunflower seed kernels and Werther's sugar free hard caramel candies.

The only thing on Tivo was the Vikings/Packers game. Vikings started well but gave up after halftime.

Word is Marshawn Lynch is a Seahawk again. just in time for the Sunday 49ers game in Seattle against his former teammate Richard Sherman. Should be fun. Two over-rated QBs against two under-rated defenses.

Dinner was ha gow and salapow - 20 minutes in the bamboo steamers was not enough.

Plans for tomorrow:
11:15 3D Star Wars episode -42 aka Lukewarm Rises Slowly (day after tomorrow will see Knives Out in MV with J)
There ought to be something on Tivo to watch


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