Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Star Warts - Lukewarm

Slow getting out of bed, skipped the shower and breakfast. After FB and email just had time to get to the cinema. Reserved seats takes a lot of the urgency away.

Star Wars episode IX it said in the opening. I thought this was a prequel, but no, it's meant to be the actual final movie. The first half hour was poorly done, low production values, you know something is wrong when archive footage of Carrie Fisher is sharper than recently shot scenes. It was mostly fighting and blowing things up.

There is not a lot of dialog in the movie, none of the lines made me laugh. Rey and Kylo both used the Force more physically than I remember anyone using it in past episodes.

The final scene was shot on the cheap in someone's garden.

Only myself and the couple next to me sat through the million credits. One thing pissed me off, in the music section they only named John Williams and three or four assistants. No musicians. There must have been hundreds of orchestra members who deserved to be named. Everyone else down to the caterers was on that massive list. No bloopers or extra scenes tacked on.

Stopped in at the Walmart grocery in the complex, looked for but did not find frozen white bread dough. Looked at the lines and decided to try other stores Thursday.

Home at about 2, made a salad and a beef & broccoli lunch.

Delivered was a pair of large packets of Werther's sugar free candies.

Watched some Weather Channel, and the Hawaii Bowl was a good game which the home team won against all odds.

Opened my calendar address spreadsheet and pared it down to the bare minimum. I may need to add a cousin. Printed labels for mailing calendars. 2 overseas, 15 domestic. I have enough stamps and envelopes.
Dinner started with lox and cream cheese on a bagel, then finished the rest of the first try at egg drop soup. Mochi for dessert.

Streamed for an hour. Several legit followers, no chatters.

Plans for tomorrow:
do some laundry
meet J at her place and we'll go to the movies together. Knives Out.

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