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Up with the alarm, did not dawdle, took drugs, Hgl and BP were good. Done with breakfast by 8. Which meant I was hungry and low Hgl by noon. Made a salad, which helped, and bagel w/cream cheese, swiss cheese and lox for lunch. Perfect for 1 brownie was dessert.

Watched some of a bowl game, and some of the next one (pinstripe bowl at Yankee Stadium) where the idiot producers had the sidelines reporter interviewing the groundskeeper while the game was in progress, and missed a spectacular interception for a touchdown.

Took a nap at about 1:30, woke up after an hour of REM sleep, totally disoriented for about a minute, 'cause it felt like morning.

Found the tablet, and dove into videos and such, Spook curled up behind me except for a short trip in front of me, she likes to rub her face against the spiral clad USB cable. When I finally got up at 6 pm, she was asleep behind me with the furry cat pillow, and my back was very stiff.

Spook also fought with mirror cat this morning. I decided mirror cat is named Koops.

Heated up some tetrazzini for dinner, made a casserole helper from half a tub of sour cream, a can of cream of celery soup, and a dash of milk. Next time I'll add more milk (I have one packet of tetrazzini left in the freezer).

Watched an episode of Ex on the Peak (formerly Ex on the Beach) and was thrilled that they sent home the loose wheel, and  surprised that loose wheel's lesbian ex hooked up with a woman who has been acting hetero.

Watched more footbal - the Cheezit Bowl. Wazoo got clobbered by Air Force.  Usually we root for our fellow Pac 12 teams in bowl games, but I make an exception for Washington State. UW won our owl game last week.

In the mail was a lot of stuff. A calligraphy address from a friend in WA, with a pretty hand made holiday card. She knows better than to send me that shit. Happy New Year would suffice.

The PIN for my Quicken credit card, which I will never use because it's just to temporarily park my huge credit card debt from Quicksilver which costs $150 a month in interest now that the 0% offer has gone away. Balance transfer to Quicken cost $240, one time, but there's no interest, just a monthly minimum payment. 

Also in the mail was my Best Buy credit card, so I was able to go online and pay it off, and will cancel it Real Soon Now because I only got it to get 10% off on the backup drive.

And it looks like the calendars won't get here till Jan. 2 not Dec. 31.

Got email from 1-880-GOT-JUNK with a $40 off coupon, so I scheduled them to come by on Tuesday so I can finally get rid of the stuff behind the shed, some tubs of stuff in the shed, and misc. stuff on and near the porch.

And I ordered more boxes of Kleenex from Amazon after comparing prices with Target.

Streamed for an hour. Had two chatters, one from New Zealand and one of the storm chaser chasers.

I missed a major build across the street - they put up the carport support columns and roof. Their truck was in the way so streaming it would not have worked. But I was just wondering yesterday when they were going to get around to it. The final mystery is what will they do on the other side of the house? Either they will attach a porch (there's none in front) or put in landscaping. They need to landscape the front of the house.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get out of the house
There will be some football

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