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LSU & Clemson FTW, House Visit, Pizza

The usual morning, early again. BP was a little high, Hgl was okay. I ganed some of the weight I'd lost yesterday.

Text from Realtor asking if it was okay for a different realty co to show the house this afternoon. Sure! Meanwhile I watched streams on Twitch and college football. Tivo was recording the LSU-OK game, I had lunch (salad and then a shrimp plate) then started up the game. It took some time to clear the counter tops and move things from the sink into the dishwasher, and from the kitchen buckets into the recycle bins.

4 pm, drove to the chargers near Grocery Outlet/Peet's/Specialty's, plugged in the car, but it quit after a minute. Tried again, same thing. Moved the car to the other charger, this one just got a major upgrade, bigger screen, prettier and easier software. It worked so I went inside Specialty's, got a criossant and orange juice and used their wi-fi to spy on my visitors. It was a couple who looked too young - 40's - they arrived early and walked around the house before the realtor showed up.

They did a thorough tour of the house, looked at all the rooms twice, the master bathroom 3x. Only one of the cam's mics was working so I couldn't hear the conversation. Outside they asked to see the water heater (odd but a good thing to look at in a manufactured home). I think they also looked at the breaker box, but that's outside of the camera view.

This realtor is from Compass, she had a couple of open houses on the other side of the park.

Charger only got me to 85%, so I plugged it in for another 30 minutes, only got to 96%. Some bozo in a Tesla pulled in next to me, discovered these chargers have a different connector. Duh! Use the Tesla app, idiot.

Home, finished watching LSU dismantle OK. Their QB is outstanding, but it helps to have all day to throw the ball and one superb receiver plus three okay ones. Borrow to Jefferson reminded me of Plunkett to Vataha - at Stanford, before they both joined the Patriots.

Next up was a less exciting Clemson - Ohio State game. Clemson was behind most of the way, but won with a late touchdown. It was so boring I flipped to Ancient Aleins claptrap during breaks (I had not recorded this one).

Dinner was salad and three pieces of reheated pizza. Burned my lip on it. Orange soda with ice helped. And an ice cream sandwich.

There's a down under wildlife safari keepers' stream I've been watching. The jeep has a very strong signal and a super high-powered zoom lens. And they know how to use it. Watched a small neon green/yellow bird building a nest. And a young leopard awakened by a herd of antelope. There's a man and a woman who drive separate jeeps and trade off grabbing the signal.

One storm chaser was out, but his signal is always more off then on, and the main chaser pointed his camera out his window at a lot of snow while he played video games in his livingroom.

There may be more to watch tomorrow. The only NFL game I'm interested in is the late one from Seattle, vs. 49ers. I hope it's as much fun as it has the potential to be. f it turns into a defensive battle I'll take a nap.

Delivered today was a 4-pack of Planters sunflower kernels, which I love on salads. And two erotic calendars which will stay unopened until Wednesday, or Las Vegas if the house is bid on before then.

Plans for tomorrow:
8 cubes of Kleenex are due from Amazon
GO, bananas and maybe hot cocoa K-cups.

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