Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Breakfast. My last banana...
Dropped off the rent, drove to GO for bananas and cookie baking sheets and dishwasher pods.

Home, made a small salad and bagel with lox & cream cheese for lunch.

Email from Compass realtor that the couple who saw the house are reviewing the inspection reports, so they are serious. Yay!

Played the piano for about an hour.

Took down both hummingbird feeders, emptied the yellow liquid and replaced with red. Other colors have seen no preference, but the birds have stayed away from the yellow.

Watched the workers on #20 paint white over the ugly tan front panels, and squeegee the windows.

Delivered was a package with two 4-packs of Kleenex cubes. On order is a pack of dark mocha K-cups.

Watched two games, flipping between Chiefs-Chargers and Lions-Packers. KC won by 10 but it was a squeaker until late. Lions allowed Aaron Rodgers to come from behind at the last minute.

Dinner was a larger salad, and beef sausage over rice while watching the Seahawks take a dive instead of handing Marshawn Lynch the ball 4 times in the last minute. Instead they took him out and threw passes to the wrong side of the goal line until time expired. Marshawn did make one spectacular leaping TD earlier. Pete Carroll never learns.

Streamed a bit, figured out how to stream earthcam cameras, sort of.

Watched the Doctor Who lost episode written by Douglas Adams and done in part live action and part animation. The animation sucked, Tom Baker live was brilliant, especially his real time cameo at the end which was very clever.

Took out all the garbage/recycles except cardboard boxes because it is raining and they don't want soggy cardboard. 

Cued up on tivo is Svengoolie, Monster from 20,000 feet or something like that. One more Doctor Who and Creature Features tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Optometry - try to get an appointment

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