Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Football, Svengoolie, no rain.

The usual breakfast, and a snack. Wheat thins or Ritz - I forget. Maybe both.

It was a very restless night. Spook stayed with me till I got up to take a leak for the third time (at 5).

Up around 8, Hgl way too high compared to the rest of the week. BP too. Been thinking too much about contingencies and logistics. So many pieces to selling the house & moving. All of them require waiting till I have the cash from the sale.

Watched bits and pieces of football games. 5 pm was surprised to discover that the Redbox Bowl was being played down the street at Levi's. Cal vs. Illinois. Oddly, Cal was the away team. Not just odd because they are local, but odd because the away team wears red (Star Trek joke) and that's the Illini color. Cal is gold.

After my usual online routine I watched Svengoolie's show. He does a creature feature, but he does a much better job of it than Vincent up in Bodega Bay. Vincent tries to find someone connected with the movie of the week to interview, and he reads some of the mail in a segment without the special guest, but that's about it. Sven, based in Chicago,  looks up all the characters in the movie and gives info on what other work they have done. He also writes a song which spoofs the movie (I have learned to FF through that). Both hosts have a small cast which add almost nothing to the show. And both have a limited offering of merchandise.

Today's movie was The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. Very pro-nuclear. In 1953 not much was known about the dangers of radiation from nuclear above-ground testing. The leading character has an annoying touch of a German accent, and though the actor was born in Switzerland, he mostly grew up in Germany, and his French was atrocious (he has lines in French when phoning a Quebec ship's captain). The film apparently was Ray Harryhausen's first major animation gig.

Lunch - small salad and a Jimmie Dean criossant sandwich. No salad for dinner, it was chilly and I wanted some comfort food so I whipped up egg drop soup with won tons. Not such a great idea because I should be cutting down on liquids due to my heart condition.

10 am I called for an optometry appointment, the on hold message said I could do that online, optometry has their own URL. It took me no time to find I had benefits waiting, but a lot of time to stumble on the book an appointment button. And the first opening they had was Friday. So I chose an early afternoon one to avoid Google traffic.

Delivered was a box of K-cups, called "death by chocolate" mocha. I made one, it tasted like death by burned coffee beans, I threw them out and will be Goodwilling the machine. I'm not much of a coffee drinker, and so far nothing I've made in the machine has been worth the outrageous prices. I'll order some cocoa packets instead. GO has Swiss Miss, but I think I can do better online.

Brought in the garbage bins as they were collected.

Took a look into the shed, arranged some items to make it easier to haul away the stuff I've decided to part with. Looks like about 8 tubs of items. All my theater scripts, which are mostly illegal copies anyway, my theater programs which I have scanned into the PC,
and some posters I've mostly forgotten I had. And some Boy Scout stuff like my unimpressive merit badge sash.

Two things in the mail worth mentioning. One was a note from my auto insurance asking me to confirm my annual mileage. Strange but true, I've only put 2800 miles on the Leaf. The insurance I've been paying has been based on 10k a year, including a daily commute. Went online and updated that. Another letter was from the food stamps people saying they have reduced my allowance because my income has changed. I need to call them tomorrow - my income has gone down, not up.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call CalFresh
1-3 pm window for 1-800-GOT-JUNK

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