Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I guess I'm sleeping in...

12:45 am and I have not taken drugs yet.
It was a restless night. At one point Spook was splayed out on her back across the middle of the bed. Awkward.

Breakfast as usual, at about 9 I'm finishing up and the phone plays music at me. 1-800-got-junk wants to know if he can come by in 20 minutes instead of at 1 pm. Sure, why not. It just meant that a couple of items would not be in the most convenient place to pick up. I did get everything off the porch which was going, though.

Two people, one of each gender, the estimate came in about $100 below expectations. They got everything, so now there is nothing behind the shed or on the retaining wall behind the house, and after I moved the second rocking chair up onto the porch nothing on the north side of the house. The rack of odds and ends & gardening tools was removed and 9 plastic tubs from the shed which contained a lot of memorabilia which I haven't looked at in years. Two of the tubs were empty - I got them got for hauling free compost from the dump. Two baskets of things moved from the top of the freezer (extra cat food and water dispensers) and the only thing I think I let them take which I should have held onto was my food processor chopper blade. I thought it was in a different basket. Easily replaced.

That chore done, off to get a haircut, then next door to Safeway where they were completely out of egg nog, I bought some marinated artichoke hearts and half a dozen fried chicken wings. I wanted a dozen but the woman behind the counter had issues with the English language.

So, on to Lucky's for egg nog and a Snickers bar to stave off low blood sugar. And a walk across the parking lot to KFC and an 8-piece bucket with cole slaw, mashed and gravy -- manager's special. I figured that would be NYE dinner, and the Safeway chicken could go in the freezer. Most of the mashed and KFC as well.

Got out the large cutting board and rolled out a loaf of frozen ready to bake bread which had thawed overnight. Cut 9 turkey franks into thirds after running them twice through the new microwave's inverter defrost cycle. Made pigs in blankets. Traditional NYE snack.

Watched some football, the new Tivo rebooted itself 3x for no apparent reason. Decided it was being returned, so I put the old one back in place, transferred the recordings across & the "one pass" schedule. Swapped the cable card back into it, and called Comcast to have it paired, but their office was closed. :-(

Part of the issue was a loose coax cable, I cannibalized a too-long one from the cable modem and a short cable I found in a drawer. So now there's a solid connection to the wall outlet.

Phoned middle sister.

Watched an episode of Below Deck. Capt. Lee needs to fire his whole crew and start fresh next season. And they need to go back to a temperate zone. It's nice to see the beauty of Pangnga Bay, but it's too hot and humid and the alcohol is too strong - the crew gets smashed every time they go out after a cruise, and too many of them are nasty drunks.

Swapped the cable card back but it lost its pairing, so I was SOL watching NYE fireworks on the big screen. Watched one of the animated Doctor Who episodes, 2 hours long, animation by Scooby Doo. Or so it seemed. It dragged pretty badly.

Put the old Tivo back in place, set the new one aside. Fired up the PC and watched Channel 4's live stream at 11:30 while sipping egg nog and nibbling on pigs in blankets. Switched to seltzer when the egg nog got to be too sweet.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay in bed late
Call Comcast to re-pair the cable card
Call Tivo to return the new unit (I had the same issue with that model 2 years ago).
Shoot off some email to Realtor about the junk removal.
Hang out on the porch if it's warm enough

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