Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Fedex morning, UPS evening, USPS night

After the usual morning stuff it was off to Fedex with the Tivo Bolt to return. They had sent email with a bar code and a shipping label, the instructions said Fedex could make a label from the bar code so no need to print out the label. However, Fedex's bar code reader was out to lunch and the label printer was not responding. The nice Fedex worker noted how ironic it was that there at the designated print center, the printer was not online. But she had a cheat sheet and was able to create a label eventually, so we're good.

Home, read news online, played the new Doctor Who episode which turned out to be "to be continued" next week. This is not a good way to treat your fans who have already been denied the annual Christmas special for the first time in a dozen years. And had badly animated episodes thrust in our faces instead.

This episode featured maybe 20% the expected high quality videography, but a lot of mushy, foggy scenes and a wide range of special effects which appeared to be old school video graphics rather than CGI. Jodie continues to be the Mary Poppins Doctor. The three companions continue to be pretty darn good actors.~~~ [Spoiler (click to open)] I was really beginning to like the pompous arse head of MI6, but they shot him. And they have entirely destroyed the Master by making him juvenile instead of more classy than the Doctor. ~~~

Watched the Gator Bowl. After hearing the Indiana coach's hoarse-voiced pre-game harangue to his team, I decided to root for Tennessee. Indiana made the mistake of relying on their place kicker, and lost by a point.

UPS had listed the calendars as out for delivery at 8:45 am. Delivery time frame between 1:15 and 5:15. They did not show up until 5:45. But that was okay, it took half an hour to stuff and seal the envelopes. I hung up one in the kitchen and one in the office, put one in the guest room rack collection of old calendars, and put aside one for J and two are left. One will probably go to my across the street neighbor. I'll hold onto the other. Drove to the PO and slid them 4 at a time into the hopper.

I still have plenty of envelopes and $2 stamps and can have more calendars printed if things get better.

Email reply from Realtor saying she has contacted a handyman to fix the above-office-door paint job. I'll see it when I believe it.

Delivered at 8 am from Amazon was a packet of Ghirardelli double dark chocolate cocoa powder. I expected 10 individual serving packets but what I got was one big packet with 20 tablespoons of powder, and instructions to add 2 tbsp to 6 oz of hot milk. Which I did. Twice. It's very good, but inconvenient. I hear Swiss Miss now has individual dark chocolate packets. But I'll finish this first.

Just made another cup.

Watched PTI. No Michael. Just Tony & Frank.

Lots of time on FB. Got into a conversation with a Sondheim fanatic, who styles herself as a musical history lecturer but further research reveals her to have written one party book on musicals trivia. She is married to a world class alternative history author, but she has not played that card. Doesn't really have to because her surname does it for her. She is all agog about how Company's score has 14 voices chiming in at once. That's not genius, that's noise. So much of Sondheim is noise.

Plans for tomorrow:
Expecting a new pair of slippers to replace the Walmart pair which makes nasty waffle marks on the kitchen floor when wet.
1-ish, off to Mountain View Kaiser Optometry
Ex on the Peaks will be on Tivo
The Idaho Potato Bowl starts at 12:30. Not sure if it is worth recording

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