Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sunday Funnies

O-tay! It was way late Sunday night aka Monday morning so I am now, late on Monday night, filling in what transpired.

Not much.

There was NFL football, I missed the Bills losing to Texas. I really wanted Buffalo to win, but oh well. I did tune into the last bit of the Titans squeaking by the Patriots, which was bliss. 20-13, Brady didn't score at all in the last half. It was Tenn. which made the 4th quarter push - at the half they were ahead 14-13. 4th quarter pick 6 sealed it but they missed the 2-point conversion.

Lots of time spent nuking StreamElelments and re-installing StreamLabs. Lots of hiccups. Found a streamer who sifts for small topaz crystals in Utah, in front of snow covered peaks and a horse ranch. Very pretty scenery, and he's a nice guy.

Met J at downtown Starbucks at 5:30, I tried to be late but was almost an hour early. Mostly waited in my car listening to the radio, because that particular coffee shop is one where people set up for the day and don't give up their seats. Just before 5:30 several people in prime seating left and I moved in.

J had been playing auntie with her two girls. She just can't let go. They are no blood relation, and they have parental units who ought to be takng them places and so on. But the social worker force is strong in J. Gave her a calendar.
No plans for tomorrow. Maybe watch a bowl game.  

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