Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Negotiations, Plumbing, Below Deck and The Bachelor

The usual morning stuff. Was stuck waiting from noon to 4 for the plumber who didn't make it till 4:30.

Meanwhile three rounds of counter offers on the house, resulting in saving me about $3k and upping my profit by $4k. I'm not thrilled with the bottom line, but it's enough to make the move, buy a house for cash in LV and live on Social Security.

Escrow closes Valentine's Day.

I'm not sure how long after that I need to move. Will have to ask about timing/logistics.

Emailed the manager of the park I want to move to, she will find something for me, she says.

Watched Below Deck. Looks like one head will roll next time. Watched the Andy Cohen Below Deck 100 episode reunion show. Far from the whole crew from each year showed up. Kate's legs are fantastic, but not the rest of her.

When there was no plumber by 1 pm I played The Bachelor 3-hour opening episode.** Got most of the way through it by the time the plumber showed up. He saved me some $$ by confirming that the inspector's report was BS, the guest toilet only needed its bolts tightened, not the whole thing picked up and a new wax ring installed. It did cost too much to have the internal mechanism replaced but it did need that (my call, not the inspector's). Technically I did not need to make any repairs but this was a safety issue.

The workers across the street brought another trailer load of Miracle Grow, but I don't know where they put it. They painted the shed to match the house, which is a park requirement. As usual they messed up traffic by parking their enormous trucks on the street.

**One of the women is named Alexa, and my Echo dot beeped every time her name was called. The producer is playing games. They brought Hanna Brown back. The current bachelor was her 3rd choice when she was the bachelorette. Kicked him to the curb. From wiki: "In the season finale, Brown chose Jed Wyatt as her fiancé, although they later broke up after filming after it emerged through People that Wyatt had been in a relationship with another woman prior to and during his stint on The Bachelorette. Brown later asked runner-up Tyler Cameron out on a date during the finale, although their relationship did not progress"

Delivered was a box of 48 servings of Sheba cat food. Small paté containers which Spook likes.

No lunch.

Salad and mac and shrimp and cheese for diner, chocolate cake for one for dessert.

Many friends across the country thanked me for the calendars. That was fast!

Watched PTI as usual.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nail down the timing of moving out
10-ish coffee klatch

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