Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

124 Years Old

Early morning weirdness. About 4 am I'm awake, Spook had been sleeping next to me but jumped down when I got up. Bedroom sensor did not work (it should turn on the lights) and Google and Alexa both said they were turning on the bedroom lights when I asked, but they didn't. Checked my phone and tablet, no internet. Not a big deal, Comcast outages rarely last long.

Up with the alarm at 7:30, Google gave me the standard greetings but did not turn on the lights. So I went to the office, no lights on there either. Had to power cycle the cable modem and then the router to get a network connection on the PC, and finally theSmartThings hub, which got everything back online. Had to use my remote to turn on Tivo (voice commands did not work) but all my channels were there and voice worked after that.

Back to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, skipped the shower, got dressed.

Banana and the last HB egg this morning. Maybe I'll have oatmeal with banana for breakfast tomorrow.

10-ish, drove to the center, told the receptionist about my house being bid on. Set up my laptop and gabbed half a cup of decaf. Wifi is very slow there, I was able to check email and some web news, but no streaming. Nobody came to chat, the bible study next door was full. I can't believe people take that seriously. Two Chinese women sat at the far table, chatting in their native language, and then did their Tai Chi routine and left.

While I was organizing the laptop's email folders, the realtor who found my buyers sat down where the Chinese women had been, back towards me, and started going over paperwork with a guy who looked a lot like the husband who toured my house. Neither of them know what I look like so I was able to escape undetected.

Home, email from Realtor that buyers want to have their inspector come Monday morning. Fine.

There is still only one house in Tropicana Palms listed on Trulia, which was making me nervous, but looking at the park's web site they have a bunch. The new ones are out of my price range but there are several which are not, and a few of them have garages. Easier to install a car charger in a garage. So nolo problema.

Watched some streams on Twitch, streamed for a bit, watched Oak Island on TV - as usual they found very little but at least this time the core drilling found a shaft they were looking for. In theory they are 14 feet from The Money Pit™. Maybe next episode they will dig for that. But probably not because they never do anything straightforward.

Salad and sausage croissant for lunch. Dinner during PTI was just a big bowl of egg drop soup. Very filling. Skipped the salad.

Got to thinking about the piano. I have a web page for it, and I thought the page included how old it was, but turns out it did not. It took me many tries online to find the free lookup page, but I did. Built 1896-7. Added that to the subhead.

Two streamers in Vegas were out together tonight, walking down the strip. Fun to have two views of the same places. A couple more chatters who live in LV were online too.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lucky's for HB eggs and milk. Look for Swiss Miss Dark (GO only has the light stuff).
Rain expected.

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