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Circadian Rhythm Band is on vacation

Went to bed at about 11. Woke up at 12:30 thinking it was 4 am. Spook objected to me rolling over to pet her and went elsewhere. :-(

Sleep did not arrive. Around 4 it was pit stop time, back in bed could not get comfortable. Instead of dreams, visions of taking stuff to Goodwill were walking through my head. First it was the stack of too-thick food storage tubs in the top kitchen cabinet, and the stack of melware too-shallow soup bowls and china dinner plates they sat on. I had long ago given away or broken the matching small plates, cups & saucers.

Next was the table fan in the bedroom closet,  which I used to use all the time one abode ago. The huge plush dolphin which was just too big to use as a bolster, and an old white plush bear which was replaced by a plush calico cat. Those will join the plush orca which is in the car, never opened because it was too small.

And my scuba gear which I cannot use anymore - really nice fins, mask & snorkel in a mesh bag. The K-cup machine which turned out to be tedious to use and took 5 minutes to make one cup, and nothing I made in it tasted any good. Finally the external hard drive, 8TB which I outgrew.

Having all this planned out in my brain, I got up at 6:15, did my morning stuff. There was an infestation of tiny moths on the bath towel and the shower rug, so I took all the bath rugs and towels to the washing machine. Used the hot/cold cycle.

Hgl was low -89. So was BP.

It was way too early to go to Goodwill, so breakfast and Internet first. Read about the Ukrainian airliner shot down by Iran. Listened to a couple of news streams about it and saw Trudeau's speech (60+ Canadians on board). He had grown a Van Dyke, it's salt and pepper and totally ruins his boyish good looks. He's not a very inspiring speaker, but at least he is articulate.

Personally, I am glad Trump offed the Iranian general. To me it was a "what if you could kill Hitler" moment. That guy was a perpetual threat, the Democrats asking for "imminent" just don't get it. It was pretty much the same as taking out Saddam, or bin Laden. Iran's response was to shoot missiles at an Iraqi base, when they could have aimed for Israel or an American facility. I do not think Trump wants to start a war - see how quickly he backed away from his threat to Iranian cultural sites?

Moved to the TV, CNN was useless. Perry Mason was good. Even Say Yes To The Dress was excellent.

Loaded the car at about 11, after it stopped raining. Goodwill drop-off was quick, they changed their site to a much better configuration. Lucky's was on the way home, I bought HB eggs, and a box of Swiss Miss packets. They had regular and rich but not dark. EBT card has been recharged, the receipt showed. But I won't need to buy much with it for a while.

No lunch, again. joined Gary's ride home on Twitch instead. There were a couple of other storm chasers out but they kept losing signal. And they were a day early.

Played piano for about an hour, had to cheat and bring up a couple of songs on YouTube to remember the tunes. Fell into that rabbit hole for an hour. There are no good live performances of Stop And See Me from Weird Romance on there. A few could have been good if the piano wasn't blasting the singer. There was a tangent moment, a girl's chorus backing a soloist singing Taylor The Latte Boy, followed by Taylor's rebuttal.

Pretty funny. Maybe NPH can do a rebuttal to Kristen Chenoweth.

Back to the piano and then back to the PC and the TV. Recliner potato.

Salad and pizza and ice cream for dinner.

Dammit I forgot the bathroom scale which is still in its box behind the piano leg. Can't use it, the metal platform would mess with my pacemaker.

Plans for tomorrow:
Follow some storm chasers
Maybe more piano time
Target -soda stream stuff & Famous Amos
Movie night

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