Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Marking Time & The Worst Movie Evah

Another majorly sleepless night. Gave up at around 6 am and showered and dressed. Put a load of socks & undies in the laundry. The usual breakfast. But online stuff was done an hour earlier than usual. Played piano a little, muscle memory reminded me of a couple of Scottish folkdances I used to play all the time when I had a girlfriend who did serious Royal Scottish Country Dancers activities. I always looked at them as kind of finger exercises, the faster you played them the better, but she was Traditional® and kept telling me to slow down. Road to the Isles and Scotland The Brave. There was one more which I thought was called Gay Gordons, but it doesn't match what I'm finding online for that name.  It may yet come to me.

Diabetes doctor called, he wanted to have me do an A1C test, and Kaiser wanted a PSA done, so into the car and off to Mountain View to bleed. Then BB&B for a sodastream exchange and some more cola and ginger ale syrups. Switching to decaf diet cola. Went to Dollar Store, but they didn't have any food items I wanted to spend a dollar on. Stopped off on the way home at GO, for milk & cookies & bananas & strawberries. And chips & dip. The original plan was Target for Famous Amos, but settled for Little Debbie and dark chocolate marshmallow cookies.

Home, there were storm chasers but they were in TX while the storms were further north.

Tivo, PTI and Ex on the Peaks. Ex brought in a DDG woman to re-connect with her guy, and they kicked off Boring Man.

6:15, drove to movie night. Rotten Tomatoes was right: The Bounty Hunter is horrible. So bad it was fun to watch. Most of my favorite neighbors were there, good to be able to tell them there is progress in selling the house.

But email from Realtor said the inspection has been delayed, no ETA yet. She also said the other realtor tried to saddle the new owners with expensive flood insurance, but Realtor had arranged something less expensive. So I emailed Realtor my insurance, which only charged $25 extra for flood coverage. It was arranged for me by one of her colleagues. Another Realtor FAIL.

Back to Twitch, two of the chasers were out after dark, showing lightning storms. Pretty & scary.

Full moon tonight was HUGE.

Plans for tomorrow:
I have chips and dip and cola. 49ers play Vikings, I'll start watching on Tivo around 2:30, maybe 3. Then Seahawks at Green Bay.
I think I'll thaw some shrimp overnight


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