Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Football afternoon

Just kind of passed the time this morning after another night of waking up too early & often. This time Spook came back to bed at about 8 am with major purring, and curled up while I went to shower. She was tube cat for a lot of the day, curled up on the bedroom corner square the rest of the time.

Waiting for the 49ers game, I watched 3 hours of Gold Rush, including the underwater river scuba guys. The strip miners are pulling a thousand ounces of gold out a week, the far more ecological river miners are getting small handfuls and are elated because for the last few years they haven't found any gold.

Very loud jet noises at about 11 am told me the flyover was early, but I did not actually see any jets. 1:30 I caught two jets coming from Mountain View going toward the stadium and saw them out of camera range circle back. Only 2 jets, not the whole Blue Angels squad. They did not look like Blue Angels, more like random Air Force or National Guard jets.

2:30 I started playing the recording on Tivo, they did not show the National Anthem or the flyover. Boo Hiss.

49ers started strong, Vikings came right back to even the score, and then went back to sleep. It was a pretty decisive win, which was a surprise after a season of squeakers. But they did leave a lot of points on the field, two field goals which should have been TDs. Jimmy is still allergic to the end zone.

The night game was a surprise, Titans whacked the Ravens. After a random peek in the 3rd quarter I decided not to watch the game.  I thought it would be the other way around, so did my Baltimore relatives and friends. Tomorrow the Seattle/Green Bay game will determine the 49ers next home rival.

Took a nap at about 5, Spook was already curled up on the bed and kept me company for an hour.

Salad and criossant sausage for lunch, chips & dip substituted for dinner.

Kaiser labs came back, everything is better than the last time, but my kidneys are still in trouble.

On the Kindle app the last few nights:
Interstellar Caveman: A Funny Sci-fi Space Adventure by Karl Beecher
It's entertaining. A mild mannered man with a Dread Disease checks into a cryogenic stasis chamber and is discovered after Life As We Know It has been destroyed on earth. There is some clever writing, and it's sad when the android has more personality than the ship's captain.

Channel surfing found the 49ers post game show will have new episodes all week (usually it's just half an hour after each game). Also stumbled on Wonder Woman and Buck Rodgers on a channel Comcast just added a couple of weeks ago.

Delivered yesterday was the new prescription from $39 Glasses. Wearing them now, the anti-glare makes a difference, and the astigmatism correction took some getting used to. The Kaiser ones are not ready yet.

Email from Realtor that the inspection is delayed. Or was that yesterday?

Chatted with my baby sister who is making her own yogurt because the store bought stuff is too tart, and she and husband are not eating meat anymore. I expect that will be overcome eventually by their love of salmon.

She suggested I rent a car and drive to Las Vegas when the time comes. I'm not sure I can handle that long a drive. Especially with Spook. More research is needed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably watch the Seahawks game. Maybe find somewhere to go - watch party.
Clean Roombah and set it loose
Sauté some garlic & butter and pour it over the cooked defrosted shrimp for lunch? dinner?

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