Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Football Day - No Birds in the Superbowl

Slept a little better. Before going to sleep I read a couple of chapters on the tablet Kindle app, and when I tried to roll over to sleep on my other side, somehow here was a big fluffy cat in my way. She was in stealth mode.

Football early game on Tivo, Texans were clobbering the Chiefs 24-0 a few minutes into the 2nd quarter, and I was about to write the game off when KC came back from the dead, scored 28 unanswered points in the 2nd quarter and went on to destroy Houston 51-31. Quite amazing.

Lunch, though, was not as successful. The plan was to sauté garlic in butter and pour it over defrosted cooked shrimp, but I got carried away, added some white wine and the last of the cheddar and bacon dip to the pan, and forgot to warm up the shrimp. And there were too many shrimp.

The good news is I have plenty more shrimp, butter and garlic. Next time keep it simple. And maybe over rice.

Watched streamers, but most of the storm chasers were on their way home.

Checked on the Seahawks-Green Bay game a few times, and then watched Seattle give it away in the last 3 minutes. Or rather, not score the walk-off touchdown they were in position for and needed.

Back to Twitch, watched VegasDogLife and her guy coming back to town from a nature reserve north a ways. Sounds like a great place to go fishing. Several familiar streamers popped in from time to time. They have quite the community, I am looking forward to joining them.

Did some online research, found the secret code to stop all beeping from the dishwasher. Have not heard the mysterious 3-note tones since. Time will tell. 

Tivo, nuked some Andy Cohen segments, watched Creature Features - they showed a vampire movie and the guest was a grand nephew of Bram Stoker, who has done a biography and is the keeper of the family archives. The movie was awful but the guest had some little known facts. Live PD this afternoon was okay.

I was going to skip dinner, but there was pizza in the fridge freezer and I found a white coffee mug to make a perfect for 1 brownie in. All my swag coffee mugs are dark inside, hard to see where the chocolate is. And I don't want to disturb my international collection. 

Garbage taken out. On closer inspection litterbox did not need to be changed yet.

Streamed for an hour, VegasDL chatted a bit. She was surprised at how long I have followed Vegas_penguin. And that I was seriously moving there.

Amazon action: cat treats, three kinds of vitamins.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bring in the garbage bins
If it isn't raining, go somewhere 
Fix the leaking hummingbird feeder

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