Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Geaux Tigers

Not a lot to talk about today. Morning was quiet, garbage taken in, it rained on and off, mostly off.

Delivered was a jug of cat treats (good, I'll use the last bit of the old jar tonight).

Shark Tank on Tivo. Nothing exciting there.

One empty hummingbird feeder I thought was leaking, and suspected a hole where the perch screws into the base. Unscrewed the perch - no hole, no leak. Blame gravity and sloppy hummer eating habits. Put it back together and refilled with aqua colored sugar water.

Running low on vitamins, ordered C, D3 and Beta Carotene.

Mortgage statement arrived. I "only" owe a little less than $98k. It was more than 100k when I first listed the house. So that's 2k more cushion.

Both Vegas streamers were on for a little while.

Watched the college championship football game - both teams are the Tigers. Clemson was beating the crap out of LSU, so I paused the playback and streamed for an hour, then went back and FFed until LSU was ahead, and watched the scoring plays. LSU came back to clobber Clemson 42-25, and was on the 3 yard line with more than a minute to go when they took a knee until the clock ran out. Classy.

It was a pretty clean game, it was also a game where the zebras mostly kept hands off, but nobody got hosed. It was good to see Louisiana win in NOLA and be obviously the better team. "One team, one heart" is a great slogan.

Dinner was lazy - rice with butter. Mallowmars for dessert. Swiss Miss too.

Below Deck crew drama continues. Alcohol at the after party makes it worse. Boson continues to be a sexist jerk. Chief Stew is loosening up a bit both with her staff and her libido. Chef has a bad back and is not being at all brave about it. 2nd stew is socially inept and has torpedoed her romance with 2nd crew guy.

Still to be watched - The Bachelor.

Plans for tomorrow:
Play piano
It may be nice enough to go somewhere

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