Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Tivo EPG FAIL, Bachelor is a slut, Bravo Andy

The usual morning but with some extra faux chocolate. Little Debbie Swiss rolls are nowhere near as good as the Hostess equivalent. Smaller, bland chocolate which falls off the roll. Snackwell's marshmallow stuffed chocolate cookies hold together well,  but there is almost no chocolate taste, and the marshmallow is skimpy. Nabisco Mallomars are much better.

Read a lot of news, played solitaire and tiles, then TV channel surfed. TWC and Top Bench. A little Live PD.

Croissant sausage for lunch after using the last of the salad greens.

Delivered: vitamin D. Two more vitamins still to come from that order.

GO for salad, limes, olives and ice cream. Milk, too. Lasagna. Charged the car.

Home, no streamers to watch, answered some email. Collected the monthly park magazine, 2 weeks late. That's 2 months in a row but last month was only 1 week late.

Facebooked a lot.

Started watching Ice Pilots on TWC but fell asleep.

Lasagna bought at GO nuked a little too long, was dinner after salad. Needed a machete to cut through the cheese crust. Six servings wrapped up and frozen.

Watched Andy Cohen's Vanderpump Rules reunion. I almost nuked it before I started but glad I did not because there are some very hot women on that show and they dress to show it all off. One man wouldn't STFU, but the show is to be continued. Andy is the official Bravo channel reunion guy.

Tivo one pass fail - the PBS biography show was not set to record. Nothing I could do to tweak the one pass settings worked, had to just set it to record by itself. The trouble is the electronic program guide (EPG) which Tivo uses is not accurate about which shows are new and which are reruns.

Watched episode 2 of The Bachelor. The producers brought back Hanna Beast to MC the first group date, but the Bachelor turned it into major drama, he's still in love with her, which makes no sense because she chose TWO other guys over him. She should not have been there at all, it was an insult to this set of women. Thankfully she walked away, but in the meantime the group date was canceled and other drama ensued. B is attracted to another Hanna from Alabama in this group, who shares some of the Beast's physical characteristics and all of her mendacity. Out of the 17 women now left, I can see about 6 possibles.

Still to be watched - Oak Island. Maybe. If it isn't a rerun or an enhanced version. And that bio program on PBS.

Meanwhile, sports is over for me. I am not a basketball or hockey fan, I follow the scores but both games move too fast for me.

Baseball came down very hard on the Astros for stealing signals. I think they are being ridiculous. We stole signals in little league. Baseball has found ways to cheat for 100 years. Stealing signals is so common in football that coaches cover their mouths and now the QB and defensive captain have ear pieces. Audio tech is good enough now that a batter can wear a receiver in his ear and be fed signals. Besides, the catcher's body language is often enough to give it away.

Crickets from Realtor. Grrrr.

Too cold & wet to go anywhere.

Streamed for an hour. No chatters, many followers.

Plans for tomorrow:
Who knows

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