Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not Much except rain & wind

Spook woke me up at about 6 fighting mirror cat.

It was still raining, had been all night, so not too surprising the toilet got clogged. Plungers did not clear it.

Despite that, another early start, delayed when AG called, while I was taking my meds. We chatted for about 45 minutes. He says Google translate understands Vietnamese, he uses it to write to his relatives back there. By coincidence yesterday I found it does not understand written Lao. There's no camera scan function for that language.

It was a crazy day, raining hard and windy, and I was out of snackable sweets, so I fired up the oven and popped in a Sarah Lee bake it yourself apple pie. But I really wanted chocolate, in more handy portions, so I pulled a half-used bag of chocolate chips out of the cabinet and followed the cookie recipe on it, plus adding a bunch of Hershey's powder. It worked fine, I now have a ton of chocolate chocolate chip cookies. That was lunch, actually.

Followed what few streams were online, caught the youtube clips of the impeachment managers marching on the Senate, and then bits of the swearing in and such on TV news. Pretty disgusted with how much coverage the prince and the actress are getting. Abdicate already. Move to a neutral country.

Unemployment sent me their tax form, a hint it was time to spend 100 tax deductible dollars on TurboTax. I started filling it out, but need to wait for the SS form and my brokerage form. It may be another month.

Crickets from Realtor again.

Watched a couple of streamers go to a museum in Vegas, but the exhibits were closed so that didn't last long. Did my own stream for an hour, but only had a couple of chatters on, maybe 10 minutes.

Ordered some socks on Amazon.

PTI had Steve Young on, dinner was salad and lasagna and a slice of apple pie.

Brought the snake in from the shed, it easily cleared the clog. Yay.

Very sleepy, will go to bed early.

looks like 2 dishwasher loads. Baking from scratch does that.
Should be a nice day to hang out at downtown starbucks
Put the snake back in the shed

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