Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

End of a mostly boring week

Stayed in bed watching videos until 9, Spook joined me for a bit then went to battle mirror cat while I showered.

Kaiser called, my glasses were in, so noon-ish I drove to MV and picked them up. They are heavier than the $39 glasses, but otherwise the same feel.

Went straight home, I don't know why. Probably should have had lunch in MV and people-watched.

Home in time for some TV and the daily drive home stream. There was one storm chaser showing us snow in Chicago.

Lunch was a small salad then a bagel and cream cheese with butter, and a tin of smoked kippers. Spook came out of the bedroom looking like she wanted some, but I know better. It is annoying how she stares at me but doesn't want anything.

Tivo had another Andy Cohen show, with Martha Stewart (aka White Privilege personified) and the incredibly sexy Karlie Kloss.

Also on tap was Ex on the Peaks which brought in two very sexy exes, one gay woman crashed a date where her ex was expecting to boink the person she was on a date with, who was the ex of a man who had been sent home a couple of weeks before. The other ex is a straight Hispanic man, very handsome, who said he wanted to win back his very sexy ex, but ended up hitting on a similar looking single in the house when his ex went back to the single she had been hitting on. It's less complicated than it sounds. One new couple was formed, two large people who had been too shy before to hook up.

PTI too, of course. They like KC and SF to win Sunday.

I streamed for an hour, had one chatter from Argentina who said his English was poor. Two others dropped in but left after a couple of minutes.

Dinner was lasagna again, salad first, apple pie with whipped cream.

Delivered was 6 pairs of socks. My feet are waterlogged, I had to throw out some old socks which did not stretch enough.

Ordered more sugar-free Werther's caramels.

Plans for tomorrow:
Coffee with J at 2 (or after she gets back from the SJ women's march)
There will be storm chasers streaming and TWC to watch
Need bananas

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