Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Late start, early rest of the day then 3-hour gold rush

Just couldn't put down the tablet this morning.

But first, last night. As it sometimes happens, Spook in stealth mode curled up behind me while I was reading in bed and wouldn't move away till I rolled over in her direction and petted her. She objects by holding my hand in her teeth, just for a moment.

After not being able to fall asleep, 1:50 am I got up, put on a robe, made a tall glass of chocolate milk, and watched about half an hour of Gold Rush. Spook followed me into the livingroom and when I went back to bed she parked in the guest room.

This morning I was reading from the tablet till 10 am, Spook was in full purr mode when she jumped onto the bed and went behind me, then in front of me and rubbed her head against the USB cable, then back behind me till I got up.

The last banana and an HB egg for breakfast, the usual online news then watched a couple of storm chasers in blizzard conditions. Fun with Twitch, I had one tab with a blizzard in Michigan or maybe it was Minnesota, and another tab where someone was walking in the sun up in Santa Rosa, CA. Lots of familiar names chatting on both.

Salad and found a long lost bag of Bon Chon chicken wings in the freezer for lunch. Apple pie chaser.

Watched more Gold Rush until 1:30, J texted she was done with the women's march and on her way to Peet's.

She only had an hour to chat, after I hit GO for bananas and milk, they had egg nog! My favorite brand! For 99¢!. I bought two. Also got red onions, a cucumber, breaded fish fillets, 85% chocolate bars, eggs, and walnuts.

Home, watched more storm chasers, streamed for more than an hour - several chatters (I reduced the follow requirement), two trolls, but they were not the child.

Back to Gold Rush, which was a 3-hour combo, one hour of the three Yukon strip miners, one of the underwater miners and one of a guy who was the manager to hate last year, who is returning with last year's rookie crew but this time to Montana. Instead of strip mining, which he failed at a few times in the past, he's going to find old mines which had been abandoned 100 years ago, but probably still have enough gold to justify another dig at current prices with current tech. He reminds me of the original Master from Doctor Who. And Sherlock's Moriarty. And Lenin. Sharp features, severe goatee. Most of that hour was him in a bar in Montana with his crew, monologuing about how he has A Plan™ and 10 steps (or maybe it was 8 steps) for success. I am seriously interested in seeing those old mines.

Listening to 1940's music on Sonos, I discovered yet another wartime British singer who was made a Dame, whom I should have known about. Gracie Fields:

She is better known for her signature song:

What an amazing range - even at 80.

More Tivo - Howard Livingston's FB page led me to a lovely travel program on the Florida Keys, PBS' Samantha Brown's Places to Love. Very well done, her guides are 1-on-1 people who live on Key West. Howard gets to sing some of his Living on Key West Time though the theme of the show would have been better served with Where Bananas Grow.

There will be a Creature Features and Svengoolie to watch later as well as Graham Norton.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hot dogs for lunch because football.
Try to find the Titans/Chiefs game on YouTube or Amazon. Or maybe a sports bar.
49ers-Green Bay is the afternoon game. Tivo will grab it.

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