Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

beta carotene shortage. No shortage of football

Amazon messaged me that the vitamins I needed by tomorrow won't arrive till Thursday, so I went to Target. They no longer stock beta carotene or coated vitamin C tablets. Walgreens was the same, but their customer service guy said the Vitamin Shoppe across the street had them.

10:30, the Shoppe doesn't open till 11 on Sundays. But the nice man let me in since I knew what I wanted. Beta carotene was easy, but it took a while to find non-choking vitamin C.

Thought about Safeway nearby but couldn't see going just for marinated artichoke hearts.

Home, Tivo online lied, it was not recording the Titans-Chiefs game. But EPG lied and it was on a non-premium channel. So I set it to record the final half.

Tivo also said it was set to record the 49ers game, + 3 hours.**

Lunch as planned was hot dogs on buns w/mustard and sauerkraut, and a pickle.

Chiefs came from behind again, but only won by 11 points.

49ers stomped Green Bay from the start, never have up their lead or even came close. Jimmy G was not a factor, he just kept handing it off. The star running back was injured early in the game, the stand-in was amazing. 4 TDs. Aaron Rodgers tried to come back in the 2nd half but only scored twice, and muffed a 2-point conversion. 20-37.

Pizza for dinner. Mochi dessert.

Superbowl ought to be an exciting game, but there are no guarantees when both teams have great defenses.

Raised my sleep number to 95 last night, and slept better but rolling over twisted something in my back by my shoulder a couple of times.

**Tivo fail - I missed the last 5 minutes. The recording stopped at 3 hours instead of the 6 hours I had programmed. I'll have to manual program the superbowl. Can't do it yet, online app only works 2 weeks in advance.

Watched a couple of Vegas streamers just now, quit when my eyes started hurting. One had a great tour of the mall inside the Palazo.

The garbages are out on the curb, including a litterbox cartridge.

Ordered some replacement cat toys. And a mouse pad.

No plans for tomorrow

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