Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

2's day wrap

Another night of weird awakenings. Spook started out in bed, but left to be nocturnal, then back when the lights came on.

Hgl and BP were both good, lower than usual. And I'd lost some weight.

Back to the usual breakfast and online stuff.

Weather forecast was rain,  but I don't think it ever happened.

Lunch was VanCamp alleged pork & beans, but there was no pork. Ate too much, as a result had to turnaround and go back home and call in late for my nail appointment.

2 pm appt was changed to 3 pm. I wanted metallic gold but they only had glittery so no color this time.

Safeway next door after nails, got some hostess goodies, resisted the temptation to buy a black forest cake, HB eggs and marinated artichoke hearts were on my list, and mint chip ice cream sandwiches. Prowled the freezer section for lunch possibilities with <600mg sodium. Limes were huge, for a change. Yay!

Home, in the mailbox was a DVD and a CD from a friend in WA. Delivered was a lovely Mt. Ranier reflection mouse pad and a box of vitamins which will go back because they took too long to get here. Speaking of which, crickets from Realtor.

The Bachelor was another clusterfork, he spent so much time verifying that one of his faves has been lying that half the women never got a chance to talk with him. Rose ceremony he did not give one to the liar, but on next week's preview he has changed his mind and she is back. He did the same thing with Hannah B a couple of weeks ago. This is not going to turn out well.

Cohen had the boson and a former crew member from Below Deck. Boson says he has stopped drinking, but he is self-therapizing (too cowardly to hire a professional). Actual Below Deck episode later showed the redheaded bimbo is on a hair trigger, even when she's sober. She needs therapy too. Kate is also crossing the line all over the place. I don't see her returning next year. Actually, only the captain looks like a returnee, and they probably will go back to the Caribbean. Thailand is too hot & humid and the booze is too strong.

Creature Features is paused. They are showing a locally made sci fi film Bikini Planet, which is truly horrible, and the guest is the director.

Doctor Who was about Nikola Tesla and his competition with Edison. Very poorly researched, and even more poorly acted. At least this time they got outside for a bit. Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror. Tesla was played horribly by  Goran Visnjic, who was probably hired because he was born in Croatia. However, he spoke with an American accent, Tesla didn't. The one audio recording I found of him he has a thick accent.

Plans for tomorrow:
Finish Bikini Planet
Watch the DVD and listen to the CD from my friend
10 am try the coffee klatch thing again

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