Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lazy morning, chaos noon, taking care of bidness afternoon then chaos evening

I slept a little better, not as much cramping shoulder or sciatica. Stayed in bed watching videos and reading till noon, when a text message icon popped up on my phone screen. It was Realtor asking if I had received her email from yesterday afternoon. I had not.


I had not seen any email from her since the 10th. I had been expecting something a couple of days ago.

Brushed my teeth, showered and dressed then went to the PC (way too late for breakfast) and checked my GoDaddy server email. Several messages from her were in bulk mail. Somehow a rule I'd added to the spam filter caught her messages.

Sent all the messages to my inbox, and they appeared in Outlook on the PC and Aquamail on the phone.

Bottom line is the buyers agreed to pay more to offset my costs of delaying the closing from 2/14 to 3/6. There was a copy of their inspector's report, which was a lot more favorable to me than the one done by the Realtor's inspector. They agreed to accept the house as is based on the report.

I signed, scanned and emailed the Realtor's revised offer and the buyers' realtor's revised contract.

Realtor says we're done, it's final, the buyers cannot back out now.

Spent some time on GoDaddy removing my custom spam filters and cleaning up the bulk mail folder.

Emailed three car transport companies for estimates, made an appointment with the movers to have a new estimate made, emailed the LV park salesperson, she says just let her know when I'm coming and we'll look at houses.

I will need to be moved out and have the house cleaned by March 3, which means using my brokerage $$ to pay for the movers, cleaners and car transport. And maybe a bit of my IRA. The LV house can be paid for escrow-to-escrow. 

I need to ask the escrow service if I have to be at closing. If not, logistics will be easier.
No streamers to follow, but lots of stuff on tivo.  Creature features was halfway through Bikini Planet, possibly the worst movie ever shown on that show, Andy Cohen had on two hotties, Oak Island was mostly FFed, nothing of note was discovered but they have drained the swamp and got a swamp excavator out there. The core samples on the center of the island are showing lumber which they think will lead them to the "money pit". I doubt it.

Set up tomorrow's pro bowl and the NFL All Stars game to record.
The Vitamin C I bought at Vitamin Shoppe is horse pills, so I dumped them and kept the coated ones which were delivered yesterday.

Paused Bikini Planet and drove to Google to attend the town hall meeting but couldn't find the place. There is so much construction I wasn't able to see an address at night, I did find the same address but on the next street in another Google complex. Nobody was at the reception desk and the people in the nearest one had no clue, tried to send us to a construction trailer. Looked it up when I got home, and it was at the new Google events center, I had passed right by it but there is no signage. :-(

I'll write a nastygram. They wanted to tell us how great it would be for them to bulldoze two 2-story buildings and replace them with one 5-story and a surface parking lot. Gag me.

Plans for tomorrow:
Email escrow
Book flights to LV for Feb 5 or so. Look into Luxor prices, also rent a car.
Call Realtor - make sure she received what I sent
Watch some football 

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