Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy day. House is officially sold. Lots of arrangements made.

Called Realtor at 10 to confirm she got my signed forms (as usual she forgot to write back). She had three more things for me to sign, two of them I had signed months ago but she  lost the pages with my signature. The new one was the form to allow escrow to pay off my mortgage and get the title. I sent that back with a copy of my last mortgage statement.

She hung the SOLD sign - didn't even ring my doorbell. I was home. Typical.

One good deed she did was arrange for me to sign off escrow a couple of weeks early so I do not have hang around here for that.

Lots of time online arranging things. First was to book a flight on Alaska with Spook in the cargo hold. I called reservations, they said I had to go online and book the flight, then call back and they would add the pet reservation. I did, but it's a 1-stop flight and the plane from LAX to LAS was too small to take cargo. So she had to find an alternate flight. Turned out to be almost the same, and the same price. And then the deal is I take Spook in her carrier with her health cert to the check-in desk, and they will collect $100 for Spook's fare and carry her out to the plane. She should be in baggage claim in LAS half an hour after the flight lands.

That exercise seriously raised my BP.

Next was to book a bundle - flight+hotel+car for my home search Feb. 7. Used Kayak, every one of the 7 services had the same price. Used Travelocity.

Need to pick a car transport company, book a vet visit, Book move-out cleaning and hazmat removal.

Watched the pre pro bowl skills contest. It was amusing. Also watched PTI and nuked Andy Cohen, worthless episode.

The daily ride home was an hour early I caught it by accident.

Lunch was late, and forgettable. Dinner too.

Finished up the evening watching a stream by three Vegas streamers at a Korean hot plate place cooking and eating way more food than I could handle. Two streams at the same time.

Plans for tomorrow:
One of the storm chasers will be streaming
Make that vet appointment
Make a car transport appointment
And a cleaning appointment
Email LV manager with my dates


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