Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Catfishery - spoliers

How could I forget? So far the most enjoyable result on Catfish was the one I watched last night. The wife of a woman with the unique birthname Sparkayla called into the show saying her wife was being stalked online - going on 2 years - by a woman named Maritha. Maritha had started a conversation on Instagram saying Sparkayla was her sister, that they had the same father.

They had kept up a loving conversation on Instagram, and text and even voice calls, but the two times Maritha agreed to meet up, she bailed at the last minute. In Facetime calls, Maritha hid her face. 

Sparkayla has only met her dad twice in her life after he split from her mother when Sparkayla was two. They are not on speaking terms, but she does sometimes talk to two sisters, both of whom insisted Maritha wasn't related. Maritha had also reached out to them, but they weren't buying it so they shut her off.

Catfish worked a miracle, and got Maritha to come to LA (from LV) and not only meet Sparkayla, but take DNA tests together. They do look quite a bit alike.

Test came back 99.8% chance they are half siblings.

There were hugs and leaking eyes all around. The one-month-after follow up looks like all 4 sisters will be partying soon in Las Vegas.

Usually Catfish finds that the stalker is a 400-lb friendless slug or a psychotic ex or the psycho BFF of an ex. A nice change to link two sociable, attractive, well balanced sisters.

Why did Maritha bail and not allow face to face video or meetings? Someone told her that her dad may not really be her dad, and she didn't want to hurt S if that was true.

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